Master of Education programme launched at USP RMI Campus


The Discipline of Education (DoE) and the Institute of Education (IoE) at The University of the South Pacific (USP), in collaboration with the USP Marshall Islands (RMI) Campus, proudly announced the launch of the Master of Education (M.Ed.) programme at the USP RMI Campus recently.

This initiative, supported by the RMI Ministry of Education (MoE), aims to enhance educational leadership across the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

The newly launched M.Ed programme is designed to equip school leaders with the skills necessary to foster high-quality teaching and learning environments. Participants will develop contextualized tools tailored to the unique needs of RMI schools, promoting a culture of collaboration and engagement. The program’s impact is expected to be transformative, setting a new standard for educational excellence in the region.

A Commitment to Excellence
During the launch event, Associate Commissioner of the RMI Public School System (PSS), Sandy Konelios, emphasized the importance of this program and the responsibilities it entailed.

“Starting today, the PSS and MoE have high expectations for you as the cohort that is beginning this Master’s of Education in School Leadership.

“We want to see all of you not just obtaining the certificate but achieving the Master’s Degree in School Leadership. You are the pioneers for this program. We expect a lot from you, but we will also be here as partners to address and resolve any issues as you progress through each semester.”

Programme Details
USP RMI Campus Director Setoki Qalubau shared that a total of 16 students have enrolled in the new master’s program during the launch event. Running until December 2025, the program will be conducted in a “blended mode,” combining both face-to-face and online classes.

This is the first group funded through an Asian Development Bank program but marks the third overall Master’s in Education cohort for the USP Campus in Majuro.
Collaborative Efforts for Educational Improvement

The project is funded by the Improving Quality of Basic Education (IQBE), managed by the IoE, and co-taught by IoE and DoE relevant staff.

Deputy Head of School for the School of Pacific Arts, Communication and Education, USP, Dr Rosiana Lagi highlighted the broader goals of the project: “This project aims for capacity building amongst teachers and educational leaders in RMI so that education is enhanced, and a higher quality one achieved to address the educational needs of RMI”.

“The programme represents a collaborative effort between IoE, DoE, RMI Campus, and IQBE, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in advancing educational standards.

“If we want to improve education, we have to work together—educational institutions, the ministry of education, and funding organizations.

“In this project, the RMI Ministry of Education, through the Public School System, saw the need for capacity building for their teachers to improve the quality of education in RMI. They inquired with the IoE about the possibility of contextualizing the Master of Education program offered by the DoE.

“PSS requested IQBE for funding, and having a university campus at RMI is a blessing because students do not need to travel to Laucala to study. Instead, they can work and study in-country,” Dr Lagi elaborated.

Student Perspectives
The program’s potential impact is also echoed by its participants. Student Tom Kijenmij shared his excitement, saying, “This M.Ed program will help us develop our leadership skills and provide us with knowledge and real-world skills to fulfill our leadership dreams and goals”.

The launch of the Master of Education programme at the USP RMI Campus marks a milestone in the Marshall Islands’ educational landscape. With the dedicated support of USP, the RMI Ministry of Education, and the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, the program is set to empower the next generation of educational leaders in the region. As these pioneers embark on their journey, they carry the hopes and expectations of their communities, driving towards a future of enhanced educational quality and leadership.

For more information about the programme and how to get involved, please visit the USP RMI Campus or contact the Institute of Education or Discipline of Education at The University of the South Pacific. Together, we can build a brighter future for education in the Pacific.

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