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USP’s TEREC trains future teachers

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Workshop coordinator, Shikha Raturi (far left) and students during an ICT learning and teaching workshop at USP’s Teacher Educational Resource and E-learning Centre.

The University of the South Pacific’s Teacher Educational Resource and E-learning Centre (TEREC) runs a workshop once a semester for all Bachelors in Education students to develop their knowledge of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Workshop coordinator, Shikha Raturi said the purpose of the workshop is to enable students to integrate ICT in learning and teaching while preparing 21st century teachers and helping them use ICT as a tool in their work.

“We teach the students about Open Educational Resources (OER) such as searching, understanding copyright, adapting for a Pacific classroom; use of audio video tool to create lessons. Also, we teach the students to understand the digital divide and choose ICT integrated activities wisely and not get carried away with using hi-tech lessons and find the middle ground that suits the Pacific learner and teacher,” Raturi said.

She said students were enjoying the learning process especially what they could do with OERs and the general response was positive.

“Since last semester (ED350), we noticed that after this session SOE students started using TEREC more as they realized what technology can offer,” she said.

“Be it workforce or daily routine, ICT has entered all domains. As for our students, we need to prepare them to not only enhance their learning and teaching but also to teach better to fit into the changing society”.

Ms Raturi said with the use of ICTs, it was easier for a teacher to cater for the different learning styles of learners as well as increased interaction.

“We often get carried away with technology; therefore students are reminded to maintain a balance. For these students, the audio video recording also serves as a purpose to critique their teaching and presentation techniques,” she added.

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