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USP Lautoka Celebrates the Festival of Colors

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USP Lautoka Campus Students at the Holi Dance Competition orgnaised by the USPSA at Lautoka Campus

The students and staff of The University of the South Pacific (USP) Lautoka Campus celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi with bright colors, songs and dance at the Campus on Thursday, 05 March, 2015.

Students from all races participated in the celebration organised by USP Student Association (USPSA) Lautoka.

Dance performances by students drew thunderous applause from the big crowd and prizes were awarded to the three best groups of dancers.

USP Lautoka was brimming with excited energy as the students sang, danced and played with coloured powder. There was much cheer and laughter throughout the celebrations.

USP Lautoka staff Rajendra Singh spoke on the essence of Holi, the annual festival of color that is celebrated by Hindus and other ethnic groups in many countries worldwide.

Mr Singh said Holi is a spring festival of love, color and life, which is somewhat similar to the Chinese Spring festival which USP Lautoka celebrated recently.

“Spring comes after winter, therefore houses and compounds are cleaned to get rid of insects and germs that cause sickness.  This is the time people get out of the gloom and doom of winter and enjoy the pleasant cool and bright spring weather,” he said.

Speaking on the religious aspect of Holi, Mr Singh narrated the story of Prahlad, his father Harinakashyap and Holika as well as the divine love affair of Lord Krishna and Radha.

The Holi festival, celebrated in the month of “Falgun”, is associated with music, song, dance, food, merry making and colors.

Some of the songs sung during Holi are Chautaal, Faag, Baeswara and Sada Anand, which are songs of praise sung repeatedly and loudly. According to legend, these songs ward off evil spirits and bring life or energy in the singers.

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