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USP’s SOEd Launches Rakiraki Cohort of Postgraduate Students

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The Rakiraki Cohort of Postgraduate Students following the launch of the programme. Garlanded, to the far right in the 2nd row is Mr Nauga and Professor Lingam while in front middle (with garland) is Dr Devi.

The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) School of Education (SOEd) launched its cohort of postgraduate students at Rakiraki on 17 March 2018 at the Penang High School hall.

At the occasion, Dr Pramila Devi, Lautoka Campus Director welcomed the audience and commended the SOEd for decentralising postgraduate cohorts to smaller centres.

Dr Devi congratulated the 38 postgraduate diploma in education cohort at Rakiraki and invited them to take part in USP’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in Lautoka in July.

She also invited postgraduate students to play an active role in the 50th anniversary celebrations by joining relevant committees. There will be a research corner during the celebrations and she welcomed the cohort to visit during the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Mr. Sanaila Nauga, Senior Education Officer (SEO), Ra, who was chief guest at the event officially launched the Ra cohort of postgraduate students.

Mr. Nauga stressed that the occasion is “important in the sense that I am addressing a group of individuals whom I can confidently take as the cream of the crop of educators in our province of Ra”.

He said that the large number in the cohort is commendable and brings a sense of security for a bright future for Rakiraki.

As a former postgraduate student of USP, Mr. Nauga emphasised that “they will be acquiring knowledge at a higher level for their field of work”.

He added that it is not only acquiring knowledge but building capacity to also become critical thinkers, strategic planners, organisers, facilitators, developers and coordinators.

The SEO mentioned that this initiative cannot be underestimated and requires commitment right to its completion.

“Your qualifications can help bring personal progress as well as being expected to make a difference in school,” he stated.

Mr Nauga added that he would fail in his duty if he did not acknowledge USP’s SOEd for making this programme accessible by bringing it to Rakiraki, the student’s hometown.

He went onto to say that this decentralised approach, cohort-based education saves students time and resources. He applauded the SOEd for taking proactive initiatives.

Professor Govinda Lingam, the Head of the SOEd mentioned that the Ministry of Education has made major adjustments to teacher salaries and that should be motivation for the cohort to keep upgrading themselves.

“However, it is not only about upgrading yourself but also making a difference in the classroom,” he advised.

Professor Lingam noted that any investment in education is not a waste, reiterating the importance of not remaining stagnant but continually moving forward.

This he said, is why the SOEd has “brought education closer to your doorsteps”.

Previously, programmes are highly centralised at Laucala and other main campuses, but the SOED has worked to bring higher education even closer. 

Professor Lingam expressed that “this is a historic moment for Ra province because we have brought this postgraduate diploma right to your doorsteps”.

He commended the cohort for taking advantage of this initiative and advised that they can go on into Masters and PhD studies later.

This he added, would involve some level of sacrifice and overcoming personal obstacles. 

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