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SOEd meets to align curriculum

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Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Dr Hayward commended the SOEd for emphasising the importance of curriculum alignment.

Curriculum alignment is an important task and The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) School of Education (SOEd) recently had a successful workshop exam¬ining how well Course Learning Outcomes (LOs) in the individual courses align with overall Programme Outcomes (POs) and USP graduate student attributes.

This was the rationale behind the three-days workshop for the staff of SOEd at the Suva Peninsula Hotel from 24-26 May, 2018.

In his welcome address, Dr Mesake Dakuidreketi, Deputy Head of School set out the overall aim of the workshops to review and revise Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science/Graduate Certificate in Education (BA/BCOM/BSC GCED) Programmes Outcomes, individual course Learning Outcomes, and course assessments with a view to achieving greater alignment between these components.

While opening the workshop, Dr Matthew Hayward, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching congratulated the School for taking such an important initiative.

“It is quite impressive to see such an initiative and it is only natural that the SOEd should be the one leading the way in the faculty, since you are the experts in pedagogy, curriculum development and alignment,” he noted.

Dr Hayward reminded staff to take the task in the right spirit rather than seeing it as “a distraction from the work that we came into this profession to do - to teach our students”. It's a task that will actually enhance our teaching. “When done properly - as you are doing here over the next few days, it is an important process that really helps us to ensure that we are teaching our students in the best way we possibly can,” he added.

Members of the SOEd at group discussions.

The working committee consisting of the Course Coordinators evaluated the course LOs for all eight core Education courses common to all teacher education programs and made changes to ensure they are precise. After finalising the LOs, the assessments in each course were examined to ensure they aligned with the course LOs.

Where necessary, the assessment variety and level of complexity was fined tuned for greater cohesiveness to the course LOs, POs and USP graduate student attributes. Following this, the course LOs were mapped with the existing POs.

After completion of the core courses, the exercise was carried out for the other prescribed courses in the Bachelor of Education and BA/BCOM/BSC GCED programmes. These were done in specialised groups such as Secondary and Primary groups.

Professor Govinda Lingam, Head of the School,commended the staff for the constructive work towards curriculum alignment.

He added that “this is not going to be a one off event but more such workshops would be conducted in future to better prepare teachers for the ever changing educational landscape”. 

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