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International Scholar Joachim Emeka Arikibe aims high after successfully completing his Master’s programme at The University of the South Pacific

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Masters Graduate, Joachim Emeka Arikibe with his supervisor, Dr. David Rohindra.

Joachim Emeka Arikibe felt elated to graduate and it’s a feeling he describes as ‘being in high energy level’ like how chemical elements are when they’re excited because his aim to become a political and scientific leader in future is taking its step to reality.

Mr Joachim was among the three graduands in Master of Science in Chemistry at a graduation ceremony on 19 September, 2019. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship for his Master studies at The University of the South Pacific.

“It’s a great feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment. Looking at yourself and saying I made it and being convinced that those moments of hard work paid off. I would become an authority and global leader. Of course, besides my love for science, I have great love for politics. Although most of my friends find it weird when I tell them I would someday become both a political and scientific leader. I want to connect the two since virtually everything revolves around the two,” said Mr Joachim.

Mr Joachim gave his gratitude to God almighty the giver of life and knowledge, family and his amiable and dynamic supervisor and leader, Dr. David Rohindra and his lab group members.

“Dr. Rohindra was always there to guide and encourage me. He was not just a supervisor but a friend as well. A man who sees nothing but light and pool of possibilities during events when others see darkness and impossibilities. More so, the entire members of our lab, especially Ms Roselyn Lata who was like an assistant supervisor to me, supported me. Finally, the loved ones and family I can say I made in Fiji, Ms Ashika Chandra, Prashneet Mani, Tejal Maharaj, Tima, Shiva and whole lot of others. As well as the wonderful staff of USP International office and the Commonwealth Commission for providing me the platform to achieve this feat,” he said.

He emphasised that doing research can be challenging with high level of uncertainty especially when such research represents a new idea that would  increase scientific knowledge no matter how little such knowledge seems.

Joachim said some of the challenges he faced were; delays in getting the chemicals and samples on time. “For instance, one of the bacterial I ordered from India to work with, died on the way to USP and we had to order another one from Taiwan after several failed attempts to revive the first one.”

He hopes to contribute as much he can to the body of knowledge and has a debt which he owes to the world.

“I am convinced I need to affect lives. I need to share knowledge. So for me, my ambition is to use my existence to ameliorate the plight of others, providing solutions to humanity via science and other means possible,” emphasised Mr Joachim.

He mentioned that it has been awesome studying in USP and the University has provided him with many opportunities.

“The students and staff communities here are awesome. Very hospitable people. I knew I would have an amazing experience from the first few days I arrived and was greeted with the ‘Bula’ smile by people I had not even met or known. I felt really happy having people smile at me that way. More so, I enjoyed the culture especially the food (Lovo and curry).”

“I am making plans to continue with my studies without delays and I really hope I get a funding/scholarship opportunity for that.”

Finally, he congratulated all those who also graduated with him.

Joachim is the third out of five children born to Mr and Mrs Benjamin and Christiana Oruwuihe, from Mbaitoli, Imo State Nigeria. After the completion of his primary education in 2000 at Ifakala Primary School and subsequently, his secondary education in 2007 at Our Lady’s Secondary, Niger State, Joachim proceeded to Kaduna State University, Kaduna, Nigeria where he studied B.Sc Chemistry and graduated with first class honours.

In 2016, after the completion of his one (1) year mandatory National Youth Service (known as NYSC) with the Federal University, Dutse, Nigeria as a Graduate Assistant.

A total of 1735 students from The University of the South Pacific (USP) graduated in a ceremony at FMF gymnasium on 19 and 20 September. These included 258 students from the Faculty of Arts, Law & Education (FALE); 202 from the Faculty of Science, Technology & Environment (FSTE); 680 from the Pacific Technical & Further Education (Pacific TAFE); and 595 from Faculty of Business & Economics (FBE).

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