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USP seeks ways to improve education in Tuvalu

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Tuvalu PM, Honorable Kausea Natano with Professor Govinda Lingam

Talks are underway between The University of the South Pacific (USP) and Tuvalu’s Ministry of Education to improve the education system in Tuvalu.

In his recent visit to Tuvalu, Professor Govinda Lingam, Head of the School of Education (SOEd) and Dr Rosiana Lagi, Tuvalu Campus Director met with senior staff of the Tuvalu Ministry of Education including the Prime Minister, Honorable Kausea Natano and Dr Tufoua Panapa, Permanent Secretary for Education.

The duo briefed the Honourable Prime Minister and his team about the current achievements and future plans for improving education and how the Tuvalu Government can partner with the SOEd and Tuvalu Campus to achieve this.

Dr Rosiana Lagi, Tuvalu Campus Director, Dr Tofoua Panapa, Permanent Secretary Education and Professor Govinda Lingam, Head of SOEd.

Professor Lingam commended the Tuvalu Government for the support towards the training of untrained teachers and other educational initiatives undertaken so far to strengthen education at all levels in Tuvalu. Many of the untrained teachers will be graduating this year.

The duo submitted proposals for other possible priority areas for Tuvalu in order to raise the standard of education provided to the nation’s children. 

Apart from the training of untrained teachers, Professor Lingam mentioned that leadership training for existing and aspiring school leaders would help greatly in leading and managing primary and secondary schools effectively and efficiently.

He mentioned that “without quality school leaders, schools are unlikely to demonstrate any significant improvement in education and their professional preparation is crucial for maximising school efficiency and effectiveness”.

Other initiatives discussed with the Hon Prime Minister and his team included a Research Centre and sponsorship for GA PhD student.

Professor Lingam commended the Prime Minister and his team for their willingness to support any other educational initiatives in 2020 aimed to further improve education in Tuvalu.

The Prime Minister acknowledged Professor Lingam and Dr Lagi for the proposed plans and commended the good work put in by their staff and was looking forward towards the graduation on 20th December in Tuvalu.

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