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Tuvalu Campus Director visits students on remote Nukufetau and Vaitupu Islands in Tuvalu

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Dr. Lagi with the USP Pacific TAFE Motufoua Secondary School Based Cohorts

Tuvalu Campus Director, Dr. Rosiana Lagi, visited the Central Islands of Tuvalu (Nukufetau Island and Vaitupu Island) in July to meet current students, offer and enrol new students for USP programmes and courses and meet the Secretaries of the two Island Councils.
The Secretaries of the Island Councils coordinate USP students and assessments in the outer islands.  During her visit, she spent time consulting with about 70 Pacific TAFE students who are completing their school-based programme at the Motufoua Secondary School on Vaitupu Island.

These students are currently completing Certificate IV in Information Technology and Certificate IV in Accounting and Diploma in Business Administration.  These students are preparing to be workplace ready when they graduate from high school.

During Dr. Lagi’s consultation with the students she discussed further study opportunities and pathways students can take after completing their current programmes.  She informed them of scholarships available to Tuvalu students and the need for them to achieve good grades to qualify for these scholarships.  Dr. Lagi stressed to the students the need to be skilled to be employable not only in Tuvalu but in other parts of the world.  She challenged the students to focus on studying and becoming responsible Tuvalu citizens so that they can help build a more resilient Tuvalu. 

The Principal of Motufoua Secondary School, Mr. Fineaso Tehulu, acknowledged the Tuvalu Campus Director’s visit and stated that the visit inspired and motivated the staff and students.  He added that the school has two priority areas – Learning and Achievements and Discipline.  USP providing programmes and courses relevant to their students and Tuvalu’s needs addresses the Learning and Achievement priority area whilst Dr. Lagi’s motivational speech on moral lessons focused on discipline and the need for students to commit to their work and critically think about their priority as young people and students.

Dr. Lagi with Principal of Motufoua Secondary School, Mr. Fineaso Tehulu

During the visit Dr. Lagi was also able to visit some USP Alumni.  Yoshihiro Tsuda who teaches at Tolise Primary School in Vaitupu, Island graduated with a Certificate in Teaching (Primary) last year and currently teaches Year 5 with a total roll of 37.  Mr Tsuda said he was very excited about the Campus Director’s visit.   She was also his lecturer and he was grateful for her support when he was completing his studies.  Her support changed his life to be a better teacher.  Despite being partially blind due to a childhood injury, Mr. Tsuda has enrolled into the Bachelor of Education (Primary) program cohort that will run during the 2020 summer break in Tuvalu to advance his teaching skills.  Some of the things Mr. Tsuda enjoyed while studying at the USP Tuvalu campus was working in groups and making friends.  He particularly appreciated the Campus Director giving her time to assist him and his classmates.

Dr. Lagi is looking forward to new programmes and courses to be taught as cohorts in Tuvalu.  Programmes taught in cohorts allow students in Tuvalu to have face-to-face class, consequently increase retention and pass rates. 

She thanked the two fenua Vaitupu and Nukufetau as well as their Island Secretaries for providing support for USP students and logistics for her short visit.  Dr. Lagi said visiting the islands is significant as it gives a personal touch and connection between the university and the community.  Subsequently, boosting morale of the students and parents during this challenging time.

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