USP Lautoka Campus Hosts Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Exhibition


The Confucius Classroom at The University of the South Pacific (USP) Lautoka Campus hosted a vibrant cultural exhibition celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival in the campus library earlier this month.

The seven days cultural celebration saw the Confucius Classroom teachers meticulously arranged exhibition areas, covering the historical stories of Qu Yuan, traditional dragon boat races, various customs of the Dragon Boat Festival including the hanging of mugwort and sachets, among others.

The exhibition also showcased traditional Chinese delicacies such as zongzi, the signature food of the festival, along with cultural books related to the Dragon Boat Festival, enriching the cultural experience for participants.

During the exhibition, Ms Liu Liye, a teacher from the Confucius Classroom, delivered a detailed explanation of the cultural background and traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Staff and students were keen to learn about the making of zongzi, with Ms Liu providing detailed explanations on how to wrap glutinous rice, red dates, and bean paste in bamboo leaves.

Participants not only gained knowledge but also experienced the charm of traditional Chinese culinary craftsmanship.

Throughout the event, the Confucius Classroom also arranged a zongzi tasting session where staff and students enjoyed the delicious flavors of traditional Chinese cuisine.

They also shared a traditional local delicacy similar to zongzi, made by wrapping cassava in banana leaves and steaming it.

This exchange deepened understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures and received unanimous praise from participants.

The Confucius Classroom at USP Lautoka Campus will continue to promote Chinese culture and plans to host more similar cultural events in the future, providing more opportunities for people to understand and experience the profoundness of Chinese culture.

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