USP’s MBA programme enhances managerial skills says Dr Ali-Chand


A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from The University of the South Pacific (USP) can considerably boost one’s managerial skills, says the Fiji National University’s Assistant Professor in Linguistics, Dr Zakia Ali-Chand

She commended USP’s MBA programme adding that it was outstanding where she enjoyed every unit with an array of excellent lecturers.

“The flexibility in class schedules and how the courses were taught was one of my favorite aspects of my MBA programme,” she said.

Dr Ali-Chand emphasised that, “our experiences in our professions were constantly utilised when conducting projects, making it a hands-on experience”.

“I’m an academic, and a degree like MBA is valuable in academia when we progress up the ladder and handle more administrative tasks,” Dr Ali-Chand said.

“I already oversee Masters and PhD students so I continue to encourage them to pursue lifelong learning.

“I advise my friends and pupils that getting a higher education is an investment in yourself, and you are the only one who will enjoy the benefits.”

Dr Ali-Chand earned her PhD in Linguistics from USP in 2015.

“I’m always a proud USP alumnus and I encourage my colleagues to pursue higher education at USP. I’ve always had a wonderful experience at USP,” she remarked.