Our Team

Manager Marketing
Ronita Prakash

Tel:  (679) 323 2051
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: ronita.prakash(at)usp.ac.fj

Manager Marketing is responsible for the Marketing Unit and oversees the implementation of its key functions and role are consistent with the Marketing Strategy and Plan as well as with the University’s Strategic Plan. This includes marketing, social media, advertising, events coordination, sponsorship, the University’s Corporate Style Guide and graphic design.

Marketing & Events Coordinator
Anabelle Chand

Tel:  (679) 323 2427
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: anabelle.chand(at)usp.ac.fj

Marketing & Events Coordinator is responsible for the co-ordination of University events that include Open Day, Medals & Prizes Ceremony, School Expos and Visits and other key University-wide events of the Vice-Chancellor & President. The position also assists with protocol and other sections which coordinate and organise events.

Graphic Artist
Josefa Uluinaceva

Tel:  (679) 323 2358
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: uluinaceva_j(at)usp.ac.fj

Graphic Artist is responsible for the graphic design of University publications and marketing materials as well as the University’s print advertising. The position is also responsible for designing and coordinating staff vacancy advertisements coordinated by the Human Resources Office.

Graphic Designer
Loriza Bano 

Tel:  (679) 323 2355
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: loriza.bano(at)usp.ac.fj

Graphic Designer is responsible for the graphic design of University publications materials such as USP Beat, Annual Report layout, Handbook and Calendar, Prospectus and Orientation Guide and marketing collaterals.