Outreach & Regional Markets

Led by Manager Outreach and Regional Markets, the Unit is responsible for leading the University’s outreach programme across all member countries and planning and implementing regional marketing strategies and plans. The unit is responsible for identifying regional needs and opportunities for programme and enrollment growth, conducting student recruitment events with campus directors and staff, advising the regional campuses on marketing and outreach campaigns and plans for their respective markets, leading outreach plans, including career’s fairs, school and community visits. The unit serves as a liaison between the central marketing department and regional campuses for any marketing and promotional needs.

What We Do

The key role of the Unit is to identify regional opportunities in all member country markets, including high schools, universities, businesses, NGOs, communities and leading the overall planning, development and implementation of marketing strategies and plans.

The Unit works with the regional Campus Directors and Heads of Schools to contribute towards the recruitment of students by recommending and implementing a diverse range of marketing strategies (including the use of social media) for programmes developed in response to regional needs.

We support the marketing and recruitment goals of the University by promoting University programmes in designated communities across the member countries by making direct contact (school visits, community visits, industry visits, telephones, and written correspondence). The Unit also assists the Schools with the distribution and awareness of University print materials at off-campus sites and seeking other opportunities to increase visibility for the University in keeping up with its Outreach Plans.

The Unit contributes to the development of a skilled and qualified marketing support staff in the regional campuses by selecting and training nominated staff on essential marketing and promotional skills that can be carried out on the ground at the regional campuses. This includes upskilling in offline, direct and digital marketing techniques.

The Unit also assists regional campuses with implementation of Digital Marketing Plan to increase digital marketing activities as compared to traditional marketing activities.

Together with the Graphic Designers, the Unit assists with upskilling regional campus staff on the proper usage of the USP Corporate Style Guide hence ensuring online and offline brand compliance across all regional campuses. It has dedicatedly included regional students in marketing materials to develop campus-specific Marketing Plans. All regional campus marketing material have been customised to each campus.

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