UNDP Small Grants Programme – 7th Call for Proposals Reaches Gaga’emauga No.3 District!


The Call for Proposal Workshop was delivered by the UNDP Small Grants Programme/GEF, now in its 7th Operational Phase and attended by more than 70 participants comprising of faith-based and community groups within villages of Gaga’emauga District for grants starting at USD 5,000 to USD 50,000 to finance development interventions in the specific thematic areas of (1) Biodiversity, (2) Climate change, (3) International Waters, (4) Land Degradation, (5) Chemicals/Wastes (POPs), and (6) Capacity Building.

Village groups were encouraged to seek technical assistance to support proposal development from the Forestry, Conservation, and Water Resources Divisions from within the MNREM, to guide sound community developments relating to management of water, forestry, and agriculture resources e.g., via riparian re-planting, coastal/mangroves re-planting, reforestation, and improving community access to water security such as pools and water tanks supply.

Villagers were encouraged also to involve the district’s Member of Parliament, and individual Village Mayors during consultation/dialogue on the proposed interventions, as these are key decision-makers in community and national development plans that aim to address climate change and disaster risk impacts e.g., 2018 CIM Plans for Gaga’emauga No 3, and which are supported by donor and development partners i.e., proposal applications are required to align to these development plans. The support of these representatives of villages and districts groups are recognized as community change agents and key focal points by national agencies e.g., MNREM and MWCSD, as well as development partners involved in the climate change and disaster risks sectors.

Villages were made aware of the application process and form, assessment, and criteria for selection, as well as the deadline for submission at mid-July 2022.

For further information on the UNDP Small Grants Programme Call for Proposal, contact Mr. Lilomaiava Filfilia Iosefa on 7702706 or filia.iosefa@undp.org

For further information on the Intra-ACP GCCA+PACRES Project at USP, contact Karen Komiti on karen.komiti@usp.ac.fj

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