N-POC 2023 Proposed Research Overview & Progress Plan


Due date: 12 March 2023


  1. State your name and the name of your potential supervisor at USP. Provide contact details as well as your supervisor’s school contacts
  2. What academic and/or professional background do you have that prepares you to undertake PhD research?
  3. What challenges do you anticipate in conducting this research?


  1. Project title
    • What is the working title of your research project? (20 words)
  1. Research /problem or question
    • What is the specific issue or question your research will explore? You may have some key sub-questions to assist in building up your answers to the core research question. Answers to B2 and B3 may be linked to a review of existing literature related to the research topic or working title (50 words)
  1. Aim and Objectives of the Study
    • What is the aim and objectives (specific aims) of your study?
  1. The significance of the study
    • Why do you think this specific issue or question needs further research? Briefly outline the issue or question you are tackling and why it is important to be explored (100 words)
    • Which of the N-POC research cluster/theme(s) listed below are relevant to your research? In this 2nd Call for Applications, we are interested in receiving more research proposals on ocean-climate nexus from any disciplinary or multi-disciplinary topic related to N-POC Research Cluster 1, 3, 4 and 5:
      • Cluster 1: Stewardship and Governance of the Ocean-Climate Nexus
      • Cluster 2: Securing Healthy Ocean, Islands, and Coasts
      • Cluster 3: Water and Food Security for Pacific Islands
      • Cluster 4: Envisioning a Sustainable Blue Pacific 2050 and Beyond
      • Cluster 5: Addressing the Challenges of Global Warming and Sea Level Rise, and Natural Hazards
      • Cluster 6: Pacific Cultural heritage and the Ocean-Climate Nexus
    • You will find descriptions of each cluster on the UiB N-POC website.
  1. Methodology
    • How do you go about exploring research issue/problem or question? Briefly outline the methods you will be using to collect data and why it is important to use (100 words)
  1. Possible findings
    • What will be the expected findings or results? Briefly outline key findings or results you expect to produce from this study (100 words)
  1. Original Contribution
    • What is the substantial contribution of your proposed PhD research to theoretical or empirical knowledge in your field? You must substantially contribute to present understanding of the topic within your field of study or make new original contribution. Think about how your outcomes will change the way people see or view the world (100 words)
    • What can your research add to practice?. What are the expected scientific and practical implications of your work? Think about how research outcomes will change the way people do things (100 words)


  1. What is your work plan for the development process of your research in the next 3 years? Use excels to outline your plans in relation to the proposed research components in B.


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