USP – UiB Climate Workshop
27-28 June 2022
USP Marine Campus lecture room


Monday 27.06
09:30-10:00 Coffee and registration
10:00 Opening prayer
10:00-10:15 Welcome and opening remarks Director Research, USP
10:15-10:30 Opening remarks UiB delegation Prof Thomas Spengler and Prof Edvard Hviding, UiB
10:30-12:00 Oceanography
10:30-10:45 An assessment of coastal water parameters and nutrient distribution in the Suva Lagoon – An insight into coral reef assemblage distribution Mr Jasha Dehm, PhD Candidate, SAGEONS, USP
10:45-11:00 Warm inflow and cold outflow in the southern Weddell Sea, Antarctica Prof Elin Darelius, UiB
11:00-11:15 How much can a storm event change the heat flux into the Filchner Trough? Ms Vår Dundas, PhD Candidate, UiB
11:15-11:30 Marine Plastics in Fiji Mr Andrew Paris, MSc Student, SAGEONS, USP
11:30-11:45 Investigating Optical Signatures following the 2022 Tonga Eruption from Satellite Ocean Color Observations Ms Andra Whiteside, PhD Candidate, PaCE-SD, USP
11:45-12:00 Biogeochemistry of waters South of Fiji during the SOKOWASA cruise Dr Cecile Dupouy, Visiting Academic
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Biogeochemistry and Ecology
13:30-13:45 Killer whale movements on the Norwegian shelf are associated with herring density Ms Emma Vogel, PhD Candidate, UiT
13:45-14:00 The use of population genetic models to resolve and predict reef fish dispersal patterns in the Pacific Dr Brian Stockwell, SAGEONS, USP
14:00-14:15 Establishing the current relation between observed oxygen conditions and oxygen proxies in western Norwegian fjords Mr Mattia Ferraro, PhD Canididate, UiB
14:15-14:30 Characterising Snapshots of Cytometric Groups of Marine Microbes in Laucala Bay (Fiji Islands) After a Heavy Rain Event Mr Timoci Koliyavu, PhD Candidate, PACE-SD, USP
14:30-14:45 Physical factors affecting oxygen concentrations in Norwegian sill fjords Ms Torunn Sagen, PhD Canididate, UiB
14:45-15:00 Blue carbon storage in Fijian seagrass meadows Ms Shalini Singh, PhD Candidate, PaCE-SD, USP
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-16:45 Cryosphere, Paleoclimate, and Sea Level
15:30-15:45 Eastern and Central Pacific ENSO and their relationships to the recharge/discharge oscillator paradigm Dr Awnesh Singh, PaCE-SD, USP
15:45-16:00 Greenland Ice Sheet Evolution and Stability Ms Charlotte Rahlves, PhD Candidate, UiB
16:00-16:15 Greenland surface mass balance and sea level uncertainty Mr Tobias Zolles, PhD Candidate, UiB
16:15-16:30 Albedo based on surface properties retrieved from HELiPOD and Helicopter data during the MOSAiC campaign Mr Tim Sperzel, PhD Candidate, USP
16:30-16:45 Deep-water sedimentary response to alternating Late Quaternary paleoclimate in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece) Ms Natacha Fabregas, PhD Candidate, UiB
18:00-21:00 Icebreaker and Dinner
Tuesday 28.6.
09:00-10:30 Atmosphere
09:00-09:15 Separating eddy driven and subtropical jets Dr Clemens Spensberger, UiB
09:15-09:30 Tropical Cyclone associated variability in the oceanic and atmospheric parameters in the Southwest Pacific Region: Case Studies Prof Sushil Kumar, STEMP, USP
09:30-09:45 Wet – wetter – weather Ms Kjersti Konstali, PhD Candidate, UiB
09:45-10:00 A novel approach to clustering Tropical Cyclone genesis on ENSO timescales in the Southwest Pacific Mr Moleni Tu’uholoaki, PhD Candidate, PACE-SD, USP
10:00-10:15 Towards an objective Climatology of Frontal Life Cycles Mr Johannes Lutzmann, PhD Candidate, UiB
10:15-10:30 The influence of sea surface temperature fronts on storm tracks and cyclones Prof Thomas Spengler, UiB
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:00 Mitigation and Adaptation
11:00-11:15 Policing Climate Change and Natural Disasters in Kiribati & Tuvalu Prof Anand Chand, SBM, USP
11:15-11:30 Bridging the gaps in marine pollution data through innovative research methods for Pacific Island Countries and Territories Mr Rufino Varea, PhD Candidate, SAGEONS, USP
11:30-11:45 Examination of turbulence impacts on ultra- short-term wind power and speed forecasts with machine learning Mr Hao Chen, PhD Candidate, UiT
11:45-12:00 Current Research in the Area of Ocean Energy at USP and Prospects of Ocean Energy Exploitation in the Region Prof Rafiuddin Ahmen, STEMP, USP
12:00-12:15 Closing remarks followed by closing prayer
12:15-13:30 Lunch
Afternoon Meeting of faculty and campus tour