The Research & Innovation Office

Strategic Partnership & Collaborations

What We Do

DCU assists the University meet its strategic objectives by developing and maximising long term, mutually beneficial relationships between USP and its external partners; increasing and diversifying funding for development priorities as aligned with the University Strategic Plan; assisting University’s internal constituents to access these opportunities; providing oversight of projects implementation and reporting as well as monitoring and evaluation; assisting University’s internal constituents in developing mutual collaborations with other national, regional and international organisations; and enhance capacities of internal constituents on project management and reporting on performance (outcomes) and financials.

Furthermore, DCU identifies and ascertains linkages and alignment between USP and external donor priorities to fund programme of work. These enable the Unit to successfully search and disseminate information regarding funding and grants opportunities to internal stakeholders and further assist with proposal development, review and submission.

DCU is geared towards mobilising financial and non-financial resources for the University through the development of sustainable partnerships between USP and local, regional and international institutions. It plays a key role in providing strategic advice on matters relating to partnerships.

The Unit also reviews, negotiates and facilitates the signing of mutually agreed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), Agreements and Contracts between USP and its key stakeholders. Subsequent to this, it provides the necessary oversight on the implementation and results based reporting ensuring that the obligations of the University is upheld and its interests safeguarded.

DCU is also responsible for keeping an up to date donor profiles and indicative aid funds on an annual basis.

Strategic Partnerships and Development Assistance Policy

Strategic Partnerships and Development Assistance Policy – The Policy provides clarity on the process and guidelines to be complied by the University staff when engaging with external partners for collaboration and accessing development assistance to support implementation of projects and programmes aligned with the immediate and long-term strategic objectives of the University for the benefit of the Pacific people.