The Professional Diploma in Legal Practice is an intensive programme designed to prepare students for entry into legal practice in one or more of the jurisdictions of the member countries of the University. It is open to any graduate who has successfully passed a programme of legal studies that covered a range of knowledge and skills sufficient to enable students to commence an intensive professional legal practice programme.

Application opening date: 01 May 2024

Application closing date: 15 June 2024

Professional Diploma in Legal Practice (PDLP)

Special Admission Requirements:

  1. Passed a programme of legal studies deemed by the university to be sufficient to enable the graduate to commence an intensive professional legal practice training programme.

Programme Requirements:

The Professional Diploma in Legal Practice consists of:

  1. Attendance at the Laucala Campus for at least 90% of the core hours and, for online students, participation in at least 90% of the prescribed activities; and
  2. A period of supervised practice with an organisation approved by the University; and
  3. Completion of eight courses:
    1. Performance in each of the modules shall be acknowledged by the awarding of the following grades:’Pas’ meaning ‘Pass or Competent’ ‘IP’ meaning ‘In Progress’
      ‘Fail’ meaning ‘Fail or Not Competent’
    2. A provisional grade of IP (meaning ëIn progressí) shall be awarded where a student is given an extension of time by the Academic Standards and Quality Committee to complete any work on which assessment for the course is based. Any extension of time may only be up to the last day of lectures of the following semester specified in the University Handbook and Calendar. The provisional grade of IP shall be replaced by an appropriate grade based on the work submitted by a student by the end of the extended period. Where a student has been given a Fail grade, the maximum number of attempts allowed for the programme is two, which consists a first attempt followed by a second attempt if the first is not successful. The decision to permit a third attempt at the programme shall rest with the Chair of the Academic Standards and Quality Committee.
    3. There are no final examinations for the programme. The performance of students shall be assessed entirely by coursework, which shall include oral presentations, written presentations, logs and portfolios of work, file management, attendance and general conduct. The written and oral presentations may include work that has been prepared and work conducted under examination conditions.

Course Registration on Student Online Services (SOLS)

1. Accessing SOLS 

To access the Student Online Services portal please visit the link:
Enter your username (student ID number) and password. It is strongly recommended that you change your initial
password on your first login to SOLS.

2. Academic Honesty Policy

Once you access your ‘Student Online Services’ (SOLS) account, please ensure that you read the policy on Academic
Honesty before clicking ACCEPT.

3. Registering for your course(s)

a. Once you have read and accepted the Academic Honesty Policy, you may register for your courses.

b. Students are required to register for all 8 modules (LWD01 – LWD08) under “My PDLP Registration” before the
official start date of the programme.

c. Persons not registered as students shall not be permitted to attend lectures, tutorials or laboratories or to use the University Library or any other facilities of the University unless they are registered students. (Clause 12.0 (e) Part B: Admission, Registration, Withdrawal and Auditing Regulations, USP Handbook & Calendar)

1. Employment

As this is an intensive programme, students are not permitted to engage in any form of employment, either full-time or

2. Attendance

Attendance is compulsory and students must attend classes and be punctual at all times for each scheduled class.

3. Placement

During the programme, students will be required to undertake a four week practical training placement either in Fiji or in their country of origin. Students who choose placement in their country of origin must take into account the cost of airfares and other daily expenses, as these will be at your own expense. It is a student’s own responsibility to secure and maintain a placement, although the School will provide assistance.

4. Dress Code

[Refer – Practice Direction No. 1 of 2010: Dress for Legal Practitioners]
For Men: Dark suits [black, charcoal grey or navy blue] with shirts of white, pale blue, or grey colour. Non-bright ties are to be worn. Black shoes. If a pocket sulu is to be worn, it should also be of dark appearance with a suitably dark coloured jacket. Black sandals may be worn instead of shoes.

For Women: Suits, sarees, dresses, or sulu jaba [black, charcoal grey or navy blue]. Shirts or blouses of white, pale blue or grey colour buttoned to the neck. If skirts are to be worn they must extend to knee-length. Tailored trousers are also appropriate. Black shoes. Tight jeans, thongs or slippers are NOT permitted.

In line with Immigration Fiji requirements, Regional and International Students are to apply for their Study Permit prior
to departure from their home country.

Orientation is compulsory for all PDLP students and will be held on Monday 15 January 2024 at your registered campus. Please contact your campus for details of the Orientation Programme:
1. Laucala Campuses: Ms. Prem Shekhar:
2. Solomon Islands Campus: Ms. Pamela Kenilorea:
3. Vanuatu Campus: Ms Louise Vari:

If you wish to familiarise yourself with USP and its services before Orientation Day please visit the Campus Life Webpage

You are strongly advised to seek academic advice as per the Academic Advising and Approval Framework on your programme and courses for the current intake before registering.

After you have officially registered for your courses, relevant Moodle updates pertaining to your courses will be available on your Moodle student portal account. Use the above stated username and password to access your Moodle account. You can access your Moodle account here

Your official invoice for payment of fees can be accessed from your SOLS account under “My Finance Menu”. All fees must be paid in full by Friday 09 February 2024.

If you are a sponsored student, you must ensure that you submit your official sponsorship letter to the Student Administrative Services before the fee payment deadline.

To guide you in your programme and course choices please refer to the ‘Handbook & Calendar’ which lists the courses required for your approved programme of studies. The handbook and calendar can be accessed at USP Publications


1. PDLP Intake I 2024 commences on Monday 15 January 2024 and end on Friday 14 June 2024.

2. Registration Deadline – Registration must be completed by Friday 12 January 2024.

3. Fee Payment Deadline – All fees must be paid in full by Friday 09 February 2024.

Note: Unless specifically stated, the Important Dates published in the USP Handbook and Calendar supersedes any other dates appearing in any other university publication(s).

Please do contact Student Administrative Services on (679) 3231444 or email for further assistance.


Should you have any further inquiries pertaining to the PDLP programme Intake I 2024, please direct them to:

Ms. Prem Shekhar
PDLP Administrative Assistant
School of Law, USP
Email :
Phone : (679) 323 32984

USP Chat Service
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