Develop Language Skills and Confidence

UU114 is the USP’s largest course delivered across campuses in a range of formats. We provide support to students with teaching staff at virtually every campus across the Pacific.

English for Academic Purposes is not simply a matter of completing a university prerequisite, it is vital to your success in all walks of life. The ability to write clearly, communicate verbally, interpret and think critically will be key to any future plans.

This course is designed to make you an effective communicator who is able to make compelling arguments. We have developed a 15-step process which will allow you plan and write well-structured essays.

These techniques will allow you to demonstrate knowledge and an ability to search for and present information in a compelling manner. You will be able to distinguish good information from bad and an ability to make sense of academic texts.

You will learn how to confidently present seminars, reports and researched information, skills that are universally applicable to any career plans you may have.

UU114 is offered in both semesters in print and face-to-face modes. Flexi schools are also offered in December and January at most campuses.