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Irwin Angikisonga, Acting Editor, Island Sun

Irwin Angikisonga completed a Bachelor of Science in 2009 but decided to take a different career path in 2015, taking up reporting/media. He currently works as Acting Editor for the Island Sun Newspaper in the Solomon Islands and has decided to enrol in the Bachelor in Communication & Media because this specially designed programme offers the most appropriate courses which will help him in his career in Media. Being in the mainstream media and as a working student, Irwin is finding the programme extremely helpful. Meanwhile, he says the options of taking on PR and Comms jobs don’t seem that intimidating anymore.

Priestley Habru

Priestley Habru graduated in 2002 with a BA in Journalism and Literature & Language. This led him to a career in the mainstream media, eventually as the director and editor of the Island Sun newspaper in the Solomon Islands.