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Courses in Linguistics

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LN111    Introduction to language studies
LN118    The languages of the Pacific
LN211    The structure of English
LN216    Language use in the 21st century Pacific
LN311    English in the Pacific
LN317    Applied linguistics
LN319    Selected topics in linguistics


AL400    Research methods (for linguistics)
LN411    Advanced language analysis
LN413    Sociolinguistics
LN416    Language acquisition and multilingualism
LN418    Integrating the four skills in English
LN419    Technologies, texts and techniques for English language teaching

BA Linguistics  
LN111, LN118, LN211, LN216, LN311, LN317, with LN319 as an elective

BA Pacific Language Studies 

Core courses: LN118, LN216, LN317
Plus one of the following Language tracks:

Fijian: FJ111, FJ121, FJ211, FJ221, plus FJ311 or FJ321
Hindi: HN111, HN121, HN211, HN221, plus HN321 or HN331
French: LN111, FR101, FR201, FR301, FR302
Chinese: LN111, CN101, CN201, CN301, CN302
Cook Islands Maori: CM111, CM211, CM212, CM311, CM331
Languages of the region: Two from CM101, CN101, FJ101, FR101, HN101, plus three from a list of option courses
Rotuman: RT101, RT201, RT311, RT321, plus one of LN111, FJ101, HN101
Tongan & Niuafo’ou: TG111, TG211, plus three of TG212, TG311, TG321, TG331
Vagahau Niue: NU111, NU131, NU211, plus two of NU212, NU311, NU331
Vanuatu Language Studies: VA111, VA112, plus three of VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312

BA Literature and Language 

LN118, LN211, LN216, LN317 plus 4 Literature courses (please see the handbook for details)

BAGCED / BEd with a teaching subject in Literature and Language
LN111, LN118, LN211, LN311 plus 4 Literature courses (please see the handbook for details)

Postgraduate diploma in Linguistics
AL400, LN411, LN413, LN416

Postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics & ELT (See Frequently Asked Questions)
LN411, LN416, LN418, LN419

MA Linguistics 
EITHER: thesis only
OR:     a supervised research project, plus two further 400-level courses, which may come from Pacific Studies, Applied Linguistics, or another appropriate discipline as approved by your supervisor

MA Applied Linguistics 
EITHER: thesis only (AL400 is a pre-requisite before starting this programme)
OR:     a supervised research project, plus AL400 and LN413