Undergraduate programmes

You can study Linguistics as part of an undergraduate degree in:

  • Linguistics
  • Pacific Language Studies
  • Literature and Language
  • BAGCED/BEd with a teaching subject in Literature and Language

You can also study Linguistics as part of the BA in Communication and Media. See further information here.

Linguistics courses are also available as electives to students in other programmes.

Undergraduate linguistics courses

LN111   Introduction to language studies
LN118   The languages of the Pacific
LN211   The structure of English

LN213   Second language learning and teaching
LN216   Language use in the 21st century Pacific
LN311   English in the Pacific

LN315   Corpus linguistics and language technologies

LN316   Applied linguistics
LN317   Qualitative analysis of texts

LN318   Selected topics in linguistics
LN319   Language documentation