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The purposes for which the South Pacific Computer Society (SPACS) is established are :

  • to create a professional association of those engaged in computing in education and research, and computing practitioners;

  • to extend as widely as possible the knowledge and appreciation of computing ;

  • to further the study, application and practice of computing by providing a forum for those interested in computing so as to stimulate discussion of relevant issues;

  • to promote and develop the competence of persons engaged in computing matters where appropriate through seminars, workshops, conferences and publications;

  • to maintain Code of Ethics and minimum standards of knowledge for members of the society;

  • to maintain dialogue with Education Authorities in the region with regards to computing education and to provide help where appropriate;

  • to promote co-operation and liaison with other groups and organisations which have related and complementary purposes and activities; and

  • to promote interchange of information on computing in the South Pacific countries.