USP Lautoka’s First Student Forum for 2018


The USP Lautoka Campus held its first student forum for semester 1, 2018 on Friday March 2nd.

After warmly welcoming the students, that included freshers, Campus Director Dr. Pramila Devi made few important announcements about the present matters and upcoming events.

Dr. Devi informed the students about the weeklong event the Campus would be hosting from the 9th to 13th July this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of USP. She told the students that they would be notified about the program as it progressed.  A day would be allocated especially for the students and a committee of current students would be formed to assist with the organizing of this day.  Students who wish to join the committee are to express their interest via email to the Campus Director.

Dr. Devi informed students about the suggestion boxes and their specific locations on the three floors of the campus. “Make good use of this opportunity to express your grievances or report any misconduct or issue,” she told the students.

She further advised students that they needed to be aware of and familiarize themselves with the various policies of USP, which includes the library and IT usages.

Students were also enlightened on the means of support available for them on campus if they required special coaching or tips on their studies. “We have a full time Student Learning Specialist based on 3rd floor who can conduct academic sessions to assist with your study and exam preparations and I strongly encourage you to attend;” Dr. Devi told the students.
“We have also hired Senior Peer Mentors in some programs and you should take advantage of these services that campus provides.”

Dr. Devi also reminded students about their fees deadline.
Noise level was a major concern raised in the forum by both staff and students.  Dr. Devi asked students to use their study time wisely and be considerate of others on the premises.

There were other issues voiced by students such as the TLS sponsored students not getting their bus fare assistance which Dr. Devi asked them to raise with the USP Student Association (USPSA) executives.

Responding to a concern about discussion in the library, Dr. Devi informed students that the library was for silent studying.   “There are tables set outside the library called the Learning Common Area which you can use to have discussion, however should you require a room for discussion, please see the Student Officers or Secretary for a room allocation,” Dr. Devi said.
Students were also informed that it was one of the ITS policies that social network would not be accessible to students from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Dr. Devi concluded the session by wishing the students good luck for their studies for 2018.

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