Video Submission Criteria:

Ensure that the same name appears on your submission as on the registration.

Please read terms and conditions available on the next page before registering for the competition
Terms and Conditions:

Options for Video Submission:

  1. Google Docs, Cloud, or OneDrive:
  • Login to Gmail account
  • Click on “Google Apps”
  • Select “Drive”
  • Click “New”
  • Click “File Upload”
  • Select and upload your video file from your computer/ laptop
  • Once file is uploaded, click “more actions”
  • Select “share” and then click “copy link”
  • Once link is copied, select “manage access” on the side bar
  • Click on “manage access” and go to “General access”
  • Select “anyone with link” and then copy link
  • Share the video link with us through messenger or email {}.
  • Ensure the link sent is viewable.
  • Avoid sending the video via email.
  1. Moodle Submission:
  • Link:
  • Use your Gmail for login. If you don’t have a Gmail account, ensure to create Gmail account in order to submit your video
  • Go to submission section
  • Click “Video Submission Drop Box”
  • Submit your video file by clicking “Add Submission”
  • Upload the file and click “Save changes”
  • Click “Submit assignment”
  • Confirm your submission
  1. STEMP Facebook Page:
  • Ensure to Like USP STEMP and SAGEONS Facebook page.
  • Send the video via messenger on the USP STEMP and SAGEONS Facebook page using the same name and email as on registration.
  • Video should be of a good quality.
  • Use the link given below to send your videos on Facebook Messenger


Note: It is mandatory to join the STEMP Viber community.

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