Alumni Testimonials

School of Accounting, Finance and Economics (SAFE)

I truly believe that studying Economics/Official Statistics was one of the best decisions I have made. It's such a diverse field so there is something for everyone - do not lose hope!

Nothing bad ever came from working hard.

Students need to be focused in life, you need to set an objective and you ought to be working out approaches to endeavour and meet your objective.

Achievements are earned through hard work, dedication, and positive energy. Trust in the Lord who shall guide your steps to achieve excellence. Your passion for your work can take you to new heights.

School of Business and Management (SBM)

The courses offered and the Program of study I undertook were highly interactive and it helped me learn through a vast network of other like-minded professionals from different backgrounds, through Team work and a lot of interactions with the lecturers. I have broadened my knowledge and USP has provided me the space to get out of my comfort zone. Being a Nurse by profession, MBA was a new program altogether as I had little knowledge of what the business environment was all about. As a wife, a full-time working woman, a mother and a part time student, juggling all my responsibilities though a challenge, USP has definitely bring out the best in me and now I can see the world from an open perspective as I am able to set my priorities and here, I am, a USP ALUMNI, A proud product of USP. The learning environment is conducive especially for matured students and I would definitely recommend MBA to those that wishes to pursue quality academics, as it broadens the mind in Leadership, Management foremost Business knowledge, for they are innovative, accessible and responsive to sustainable development challenges. Courses offered are a great way forward for working professionals to build our competencies and set us apart in our working places or spheres of influence. The lecturers are so passionate as they provide us with tools to navigate the changes taking place in the technology driven business environment, making sure that not only do we pass but understood the concept well and be able to apply it to reality. The course offers a dynamic education experience and an MBA at USP is definitely a way forward. “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have overcome to reach your goal” surround yourself with people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose and it is never too late to be the person you might have been for improvement starts with the letter I. Be kind and be humble, acknowledge God in all that you do.

Make the right decisions with school and your social life. Find the balance and keep it. You are going to make it no matter how difficult or long the programme seems to you!

School of Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics (STEMP)

USP is proof that we, as Pacific people, are able to be up there amongst the best and still humble by the appreciation of our culture and traditional ways.

The University of the South Pacific has been a great contributor to the development of my career, and personality. I have established domain expertise, leadership, time management, and comradery throughout my experience at USP. The infrastructure of USP is one of the finest in the region as this is a quality that stands out the most. The best thing about this University is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the Pacific. The professors here make the university what it is today with their contemporary delivery methods and helpful nature. For anyone looking into a dynamic scale of growth for their future, I would like to say, choose USP.

School of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Ocean and Natural Sciences (SAGEONS)

I am so grateful that Samoa has it’s own USP campus. After teaching for 20 years, I still have that feeling of learning something new and there was no other place to go to but USP.

I entered USP as a matured student in 2017. Three years of learning was very challenging however the tutors and lecturers were very friendly and easy to approach. USP Samoa campus was my home away from home. All the people working there were my mentors, motivators, advisers, disciplinarians and of course my friends. What i love the most was the experience of meeting new people and making new friends with other students from around the Pacific. USP has offered a wide range of learning modes from face to face to online learning or DFL. . I have learnt to be more strategic and organized, observant and analytical which makes works more manageable and enjoyable at the same time. Lastly, USP has given me a life changing experience. I am a College Principal now, however this would not be made possible without the assistance of the high caliber tutors and lecturers whom have taught me lifetime leadership skills and helped shaped my career.

Studying at USP has enriched me with the necessary skills and content knowledge I needed in the teaching of chemistry and physics at high school level. I have also enjoyed learning and making friends with other ethnic groups around the region.

School of Law and Social Sciences (SoLaSS)

USP Law School offers diversity of law courses. A USP LLB graduate student is fully equipped in most areas of law in any Pacific country. Legal profession in the Pacific needs USP.

Studying law in a Pacific context at USP has given me the tools and the networks I need to be a better policy and law maker.

School of Pacific Arts, Communication and Education (SPACE)

As I work full-time, I am continuing my studies online and part-time with the goal of gaining the Master of Education degree.

With over 30 years of educational experience, my previous roles have included being a teacher, principal, mentor and trainer of other teachers.

My current role is as the Transition Consultant with the Department of Multicultural Affairs in the Republic of Nauru.

Completing my PDGEd through the USP has provided my with the knowledge and skills to professionally perform my duties at a higher level both at work and in the community.

The effort and sacrifices you put into completing your studies at the USP not only develops your academic ability, but empowers you to support others and to make a difference.

Education is the key to the future you want to create.

I chose USP for post graduate studies because it provides flexible options for distance & online learning. All my courses were available online which enabled me to work full time and study. A key selling point for me is that the course contents are relevant to our Pacific context. If you want to be the change you want to see in the world then study with purpose at USP.

Pacific TAFE

In the race to get successful, often the vulnerable are left neglected. My advice would be to take into consideration the needs of the vulnerable population when choosing a career. For we as the privileged few should work for the betterment of all the members of the society.

I chose this program because of my passion to support and help kids. With TAFE, programs are accessible and flexible which was a plus for me as a working single mother.

I grew up without any formal education. Pacific TAFE has given me a foundation and an opportunity to get back into education and achieving a better life for me and my children. USP has given me that. USP gave me another chance on a better future.

I started my studies when my youngest started school. There was no one left at home, I felt that I needed to keep myself busy.

I work full time as a student welfare counsellor for Nauru Secondary School and a part time tutor for Lovoni’s Baptist private school on Saturdays. While I am working, I am also studying for my Diploma in Counselling hoping to one-day graduate with a Bachelor.

Completing my Certificate IV in Counselling has improved my knowledge and skills regarding my work. My knowledge has expanded and it makes me more involved and knowledgeable and it allows me to do my work 10 times better.

I hope that working and studying at the same at my age would inspire and empower my children, to show them they with education – the sky is the limit and if you put your mind into something. You can achieve it.


USP has definitely prepared me to be better equipped for my professional career. Having the opportunity to study in USP, while being a teacher has helped me to become a better ‘Agent of Change’.

The sky is the limit, if you’ve always wanted to pursue postgraduate studies, I urge you to. Climate Change has become a constant and will remain so into the foreseeable future.

It is only right that we as Pacific Islanders do our best to protect the environment as our ancestors have done. I join the stand at PACE-SD and be at the forefront of climate action in the Pacific.

USP Alumni

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