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The University of the South Pacific’s Campus Life Section is entrusted with the responsibility for the provision of services that foster a sense of community and promote physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth and development among students in an atmosphere of understanding, responsibility, tolerance and sensitivity.

The Campus Life Section seeks to provide these services in the most effective and efficient manner possible through teamwork from its staff who are committed, dedicated and responsive to all issues that fall within the scope of its responsibilities. Specifically, the services provided are in the areas of Sports and Recreation, Health & Wellness, Counselling, (Chaplaincy), Disability resource and access, Careers Centre & Services, First Year Experience, USP Orientation and Campus Life Activities.

The Campus Life is committed to providing quality service to all clients. To support this we have developed a Campus Life Service Level Agreement.

Students and staff are welcome to discuss areas for improvement and if any student wishes to make a complaint via the Student Grievance Policy & Procedures about our service they may wish to reference this Service Level Agreement and the area of perceived nonperformance.


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Mission statement

The mission of Campus Life is to contribute to student success primarily by providing a welcoming, safe, secure and supportive living and learning environment. Such a positive environment also supports higher staff productivity and job satisfaction which make an indirect, but nevertheless important, contribution to student academic attainment.

To provide international best practice in Campus Life Services and associated department activities as part of our commitment to the university’s emphasis on Priority Area 2 of USP Strategic Plan. To develop and foster a sense of belonging to a diverse living environment that is conducive to learning and characterized by tolerance, respect and responsibility.

The Campus Life Services and associated activities and department plans are guided by USP’s Strategic Goal under Priority Area 2: Student Support.

The roles of the section

  • Provide technical support and assistance to all Campus Life departments and oversee the delivery and quality of services to enhance the growth of students to reach their full potential by providing rich learning opportunities through programs, services and facilities. These include Health and Wellness Centre, Counselling, Campus Life Sports, off Campus Accommodation, Campus Life First Year Experience, Campus Life Events and Activities, Career and Entrepreneur Centre and Disability Services.
  • Provide information on what Campus Life offers, costs, guidelines, contact details and other related matters.
    Campus Life office is responsible for overseeing developing USP’s Orientation program which aims to smooth the transition of new students to University life
    Provide Leadership & personal development opportunities for students including Student Volunteering program.
    Facilitate the strengthening of a Pan-Pacific and USP community consciousness, through its range of campus activities and community engagement events
  • The Campus Life office facilitates numerous additional services including Bus Transport between the three Laucala campuses for students and staff; and identifies and funds improvements to student study and recreational facilities that contributes to student success primarily by providing a welcoming, safe, secure and supportive living and learning environment.
  • Campus Life office is currently responsible since 2011, for leading USP towards a new culture of disability inclusiveness across all its campuses. An Inclusive Disability Access Plan has been drafted and several physical improvements have made Laucala and other campuses more accessible to students and staff with disabilities. Campus Life office in partnership with key stakeholders (including Regional Campus directors) is responsible for identifying a number of specific projects and barriers to Disability Inclusiveness and these have received funding approval with project completion by end 2012.
  • Campus Life office is responsible for engaging with the student associations including USPSA Laucala and USPSA Federal on a monthly to ensure open dialogue is achieved. In addition, the office is responsible for dealing with USPSA (Federal and Laucala) grievances and issues and requests by individual students or cultural groups as well as overseeing the USPSA Laucala elections.
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USP Cook Islands

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USP Emalus Campus

Director: Ruben Markward SANTO CENTRE Coordinator: Ms Gayleen George Postal Address: Private Mail Bag 176, Luganville...

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USP Kiribati Campus

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USP Labasa Campus

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USP Laucala Campus

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USP Lautoka Campus

Direct Ext: 41501 / 41502 Website: Lautoka Campus

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USP Marshall Islands Campus

Acting Director: Setoki Qalubau Website: USP Marshalls Islands Campus

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USP Nauru Campus

Director: Felicity Canon Website: USP Nauru Campus

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USP Niue Campus

Director: Jay Gataua Website: Niue Campus

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USP Samoa Campus

Director: Dr. Fanaafi Aiono-Le Tagaloa Website: Samoa Campus  

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USP Solomon Islands Campus

Director: Dr. Billy Fitoo GIZO CENTRE, WESTERN PROVINCE Coordinator: Billy Fitoo Postal address: PO Box...

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USP Tokelau Campus

Coordinator: Elaine Lameta Website: Tokelau Campus

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USP Tonga Campus

Director: Dr. Robin Havea HA’APAI CENTRE Asst. Coordinator: Ms Talei Ulufonua Tel: +676 60099 E-mail:...

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USP Tuvalu Campus

Director: Dr. Tanaki Website: USP Tuvalu Campus    

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