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Welcome to CSS

Welcome to Council and Senate Secretariat (CSS)

The Council and Senate Secretariat (CSS) is the University’s central committee servicing unit and services its governing bodies such as the Council, the Senate and their committees. These committees deal with complex and highly confidential matters which range from general policy, finance, internal audit and all academic policy matters to student discipline.

It is responsible for the efficient management of the University’s multi-tiered committee structure and to ensure that the particular requirements of each committee are met with respect to business transacted, adherence to timelines, reporting and channeling of issues to the correct committee(s) for a decision and finally implementation of decisions and communication to relevant stakeholders. It also involves maintaining, the membership of Committees and running elections for new and replacement members as necessary.

The Council and Senate Secretariat (CSS) is also responsible for the Records Management Office.

The CSS is headed by Mr. Totivi D. Bokini-Ratu, the Secretary to Council and Manager CSS. He is fully responsible for all matters to do with the University Council and works in close conjunction with the Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council as well as with the Vice-Chancellor & President and Chair of Senate.

The vision of USP is to shape Pacific futures by empowering students, staff and alumni to become inspirational agents of positive change leading to innovative, cohesive, resilient and sustainable communities

The University is committed to delivering institutional effectiveness through the highest standards of governance management and continuous improvement.

The Council and Senate Secretariat (CSS) is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the work of the Council, the Senate and their standing and ad hoc committees by providing them efficient and quality administrative, advisory and secretarial support.    The Secretariat sets and monitors the annual meeting schedules for University Committees. It is the repository of information for matters relating to USP’s governing bodies and in this respect therefore, it serves as the source of information, advice and guidance on matters of governance, policies and processes for the University. The Secretariat is the intermediary between the University’s executive body, the Council, and its management headed by the Vice-Chancellor and President. In view of its pivotal position, the CSS is expected to be independent and professional in its service delivery.

1. Strengthen University governance through the effective operation of the Council, Senate and their standing & ad hoc committees.

2. Provide professional secretariat services to the key governing bodies of the University.

3. Manage and monitor compliance to the University Charter and Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Policies.

4. Provide information, advice and guidance on matters of governance, policies and process to all stakeholders.

5. Facilitate staff development and relevant training for continuous improvement, professionalism and efficiency.

The USP Strategic Plan (SP) 2019 – 2021 positions the Council & Senate Secretariat under Priority Area 5 (PA5) Governance and Intelligence Use of Resources. Priority Area 5 provides the overarching framework that will facilitate the achievements of the Learning, Teaching and Research goals of the University.


The role of CSS is captured under Objective 1 of PA5 “Embed good governance practices throughout the University”. The key deliverable and outcome for this objective is to ensure that the highest level of good governance and ethics are paramount to the University’s operations.

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