USP Graduate Attributes

USP Graduate Attributes

USP’s academic programmes will foster the following attributes in all graduates:

Academic Excellence

  • Extensive knowledge of and relevant skills in a particular discipline or
    professional area;
  • Capacity for critical thinking and independent self-directed, life-long learning;
  •  Digital literacy and advanced information and communication technology knowledge and skills; and
  • Problem solving and research skills.

Intellectual Curiosity and Integrity

  • Deep respect for truth and intellectual integrity, and for the ethics of scholarship;
  • Intellectual curiosity, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovative and openness to new ideas;
  • Commitment to inter-disciplinary understanding and skills; and
  • Respect for the principles, values and ethics of a chosen profession.

Capacity for Leadership and Working with others

  • Effective interpersonal communications skills;
  • Resilient, adaptable and be empathetic;
  • A commitment to gender equality and social inclusion;
  • Leadership, organisational, teamwork and time management abilities; and
  • Personal maturity and self-confidence

Appreciation for the Cultures of the Pacific Islands

  • Knowledge and appreciation of the unity and diversity of Pacific Island cultures;
  • Understanding of the diverse economies and environments of the Pacific Islands; and
  • Commitment to the maintenance and strengthening of the societies of the Pacific.

Cross-Cultural Competencies

  • Understanding and appreciation of social, cultural, and linguistic diversity;
  • Respect for human rights and dignity in a global context;
  • Commitment to accountability, ethical practice and social responsibility; and
  • Demonstrated oral and written proficiency in the English language.


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