Programme Learning Outcomes


Certificate Programmes

  1. Certificate of Justice
  2. Certificate in Policing
  3. Certificate in Social and Community Work

Diploma Programmes

  1. Diploma of Justice
  2. Diploma in Leadership, Governance & Human Rights
  3. Diploma in Police Management
  4. Diploma in Prosecutions
  5. Diploma in Social and Community Work

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Arts (History)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (Law)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Pacific Policing)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Affairs)
  5. Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  6. Bachelor of Arts (Social Work)
  7. Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

Prescribed Bachelor Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Laws
  2. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws or Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws

Postgraduate Programmes

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Border Security
  2. Postgraduate Certificate in Diplomacy & International Affairs
  3. Postgraduate Certificate in Gender Studies
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Gender Studies)
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (History)
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Psychology)
  7. Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Social Policy & Administration)
  8. Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Sociology)
  9. Postgraduate Diploma in Border Security
  10. Postgraduate Diploma in Law
  11. Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies
  12. Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomacy & International Affairs
  13. Postgraduate Diploma in Governance

Professional Diplomas

  1. Professional Diploma in Legal Practice
  2. Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting

Master’s Degree Programmes

  1. Master of Arts (History)
  2. Master of Arts (Psychology)
  3. Master of Arts (Social Policy)
  4. Master of Arts (Sociology)
  5. Master of Arts in Development Studies
  6. Master of Arts in Diplomacy & International Affairs
  7. Master of Environmental Law
  8. Master of Arts in Governance
  9. Master of Arts in Politics/International Affairs
  10. Master of Laws

Doctor of Philosophy

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Development Studies)
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (Governance)
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (History)
  4. Doctor of Philosophy (Law)
  5. Doctor of Philosophy (Politics/International Affairs)
  6. Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology)
  7. Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology)
  8. Doctor of Philosophy (Social Policy)


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