Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

A high-quality learning and teaching are one of the key components of USP’s broader ‘Education’ portfolio objectives.

The University of the South Pacific is committed to providing high quality learning and teaching experience for its students. Our strategic commitment and direction supports excellence in all areas of our learning and teaching core business. (See Priority Area 1 of the USP Strategic Plan 2022-2024)

The student experience is pivotal to us and therefore we take a holistic approach in ensuring excellence in our student’s learning experience. See our wide range of available student support services that we have in place to support our students throughout their student journey at the university inclusive of extracurricular activities and holistic wellbeing.

The university is committed to providing a world-class curriculum using the most appropriate pedagogical techniques for Pacific learners. We are dedicated to continuously improve the quality of teaching across the University through engaged and passionate staff.

We employ innovative learning and teaching methods and tools that allow our students to progress through rigorous programmes across a range of academic disciplines to achieve high-level knowledge and graduate attributes that will equip them to make a real difference in an ever-evolving world.

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