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Fees and Discount Notice - Semester 2 2023

  • Invoices for Semester 2 are available on SOLS for Laucala, Labasa and Lautoka Campus students.
  • All other students will be able to obtain invoices directly from their respective campus/centre.
  • Please take note of the following conditions payment deadlines, installment payment arrangements and deregistration applicable to this term.
  • Semester 2 – Friday 11 August 2023
  • Pacific TAFE students – Friday 25 August 2023

Tuition fee discounts are conditionally available for Semester 2 2023: 

* 10% discount on tuition fees only, if full payment is received by 28 July 2023

* 5% discount on tuition fees only, if full payment is received by 11 August 2023 


  • Discount will only be available to students whose family income is less than

FJD 30,000 (Refer below for the application process)

  • The student must be on a fully private status, that is, not sponsored under any University-contracted scheme
  • Prior term fees must be settled in full prior to being eligible for the discount
  • Discount is not available for accommodation, general services fees or other charges

Application Process 

Eligible students need to submit the following documents/details with a cover email to student.finance@usp.ac.fj:

  • Receipt(s) of payment
  • Evidence of family income being lower than FJD 30,000 (current employment contract or latest pay slip showing annual income)
  • A duly completed statutory declaration if family members are not in paid employment.
  • Student ID number, Full Name, Campus details and Phone Contact

Discounts will be processed to the student’s account within 2 weeks after submission of the complete application.

Students who are facing difficulties paying fees by the given deadlines and wish to keep their registration and accounts active throughout the term, are required to pay at least 50% of fees by the fee deadline, and sign an Installment Agreement for the balance amount.

All fees must be fully paid by the end of the term before students can access results and re-enroll into future terms.

Students who owe more than 50% of fees as of their fee deadline and/or have not signed up to an Installment Payment Agreement will have their accounts deactivated 1 week after the fee deadline. Deactivation means the affected students will not have access to Moodle or other facilities, cannot sit for exams or submit other assessment items. Student accounts can only be re-activated after they pay all outstanding fees or alternatively make arrangements to pay by installments.

Students whose accounts remain deactivated up to 4 weeks afterward will be deregistered. This means their registration is cancelled and they owe nothing to the University (i.e., it is as if they never were registered in the term). These students can be re-registered in the same term if they pay all outstanding fees within one month of deregistration. Such students will hereafter be required to pay all fees upfront when they next register for courses.

The final date for installment payments is the last day of exams.

After this date, accounts with fee balances will be placed on hold and the student will not be able to graduate, obtain results and re-enroll to a future term until all fees are cleared.

  • Laucala – student.finance@usp.ac.fj
  • Cook Islands – tureheni.file@usp.ac.fj
  • Kiribati – tearimi.uering@usp.ac.fj
  • Marshall Islands – mautang.baireti@usp.ac.fj
  • Nauru – priscilla.grundler@usp.ac.fj
  • Alafua – nau.bloomfield@usp.ac.fj
  • Solomon Islands – leila.galo@usp.ac.fj
  • Tonga – akapei.latu@usp.ac.fj
  • Tuvalu – maksap65@gmail.com
  • Lautoka – chandra_ar@usp.ac.fj
  • Vanuatu –loretta.bule@usp.ac.fj
  • Labasa – shah_ah@usp.ac.fj
  • Niue – meleasalina.poiafati@usp.ac.fj
  • Tokelau – hatesa.kirifi@tokelau.org.nz
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