Students who have chosen to undertake studies at the University of the South Pacific would be able to apply and take advantage of the USP Bursary Scheme and Scholarships offered to ease their financial burdens.

Financial aid and scholarships

USP offers scholarships and financial assistance to students with the aim of rewarding high academic achievers and providing opportunities for deserving students who may be facing financial hardship. USP also administers scholarships and financial assistance on behalf other organisations.

USP funded scholarships

USP offers a limited number of scholarships for full-time studies undertaken at Laucala (Fiji), Emalus (Vanuatu) or Alafua (Samoa) campuses.

These scholarships are available at different levels:

Other scholarships managed by USP

USP also administers and manages a limited number of scholarships funded by other organisations and donors:

Note: for more information on the postgraduate scholarships, please contact the Research Student Coordinator, USP Research office.

USP Student Bursary scheme

USP has a Student Bursary scheme that provides financial assistance to private students at undergraduate and postgraduate level who face financial hardship. The award covers a certain percentage of the awardee’s tuition fees for a semester. For more details on the scheme please click here.


All governments of USP member countries provide scholarship to their own citizens for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at USP.

Students should liaise directly with the Ministry of Education (MOE) of their government or National Scholarship offices if they wish to apply for these scholarships.

Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu.

Students interested in these scholarships should enquire at their National Scholarship offices or click on the following links:

General description

In our commitment to promoting and rewarding merit-based academic excellence from the region, the University offers the Pacific Academic Excellence (PAE) Award to students from member countries Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshalls Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu to pursue studies at either of the University’s main campuses; Laucala (Fiji), Emalus (Vanuatu) or Alafua (Samoa).

The award covers USP Undergraduate studies for 3 years (3 years programme) and 4 years (for 4 years programme).

There are 15 award categories;

  1. 1 each for the Highest achiever in the Year-13 National Exam from each of the 12 member countries (12 Awards).
  2. 1 each for the student with the highest GPA in the 3 streams of USP Augmented Foundation Studies and the School Based Foundation studies, Arts, Commerce and Science (3 awards).

Award cover

The PAE covers the following;

  1. Return Airfare (Regional Candidate), Economy Class to campus of study at the beginning of the year and return at the end of the year or unless terminated earlier.
  2. Monthly living allowance of FJD 1000.00 from February to November unless early exit.
  3. Book allowance of FJD 500 per semester, payable to the USP Book Centre
  4. Accommodation cost up to FJD 1200.00 per semester, payable to the USP Halls of Residence.
  5. Tuition cost, payable to USP.
  6. Ancillary Fees (General Service Fee, Health Fee).

Eligibility criteria

Candidates must be a citizen and current year-13 student at any USP member country and attempt the Year-13 National Exam or its equivalence on the same year to be considered for the following year.

For USP Foundation students, they must be enrolled into any of the Foundation Streams and complete 8 courses in the same year before being considered.

Opening and closing dates

Candidates are selected in January of every year.

Application process

The University Scholarship Officer will liaise with each member country’s Ministry of Education (MOE) or National Examination Board to identify the highest aggregate achiever and then finalise selection. Once a candidate is confirmed, USP or the MOE will contact the candidate to make the offer.

General Description:

The USP Student Bursary Scheme provides financial assistance to private Undergraduate and Postgraduate level students of USP member countries.

The scheme will cover:
1. up to 50% of the total tuition fees for non-repeated courses in Semester 2 2022 and Trimester 3 2022.
2. one student per family.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

  1. Be a citizen of one of the USP Member countries
  2. Have completed at least one academic term at USP
  3. Have a GPA of 2.5 or above in the most recent academic term
  4. Have a combined family income of not more than FJD 25,000 per year.
  5. Not be admitted to Unclassified Programmes.
  6. [For Fijian students] Not be eligible for TSLS Schemes, and not supported by other scholarship providers. Note: Evidence of TSLS ineligibility must be provided with the application.
  7. Not be eligible for the USP Fees Concessions for Staff and their Families
  8. Not be enrolled in a Doctoral or DRP programme
  9. Not be enrolled in self-funding programmes offered by GSB, PTAFE and PDLP/PDLD.
  10. [For Continuing Research Students] Submit a recent progress report endorsed by the Faculty Research Committee.
  11. Applications must be legible and should have the required documents as listed in the application form Checklist. Note: Incomplete or illegible applications will not be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Please read through the FAQs by clicking on the link below:

Click here to download the FAQs

Application process:

  1. Complete the Bursary Scheme Application form accessible and editable online:
  2. Email the completed application form and required documents to the USP Scholarship Officer:

Closing Date: Friday 29th July 2022

Westpac Scholarship 2022 – Click here for more information

Application process

Complete the Westpac Scholarship Application Form available at the Student Administrative Services (Laucala Campus) download the form through the following link

General description

The late Mr Shrikisun Balgovind provided a legacy of $100,000.00 in his will to be invested by the trustee of USP Endowment fund. Income arising from the investment is used to award at least two scholarships each year for deserving Itaukei and Indian student who are Fiji citizens. Under the current MOU, this scholarship will be available for 75 years, ending in January 2056.

There are 2 awards available for undergraduate studies;

Award cover

The Scholarship covers the following;

  1. Tuition Fees
  2. Book Allowance
  3. Living Allowance per semester
  4. General Service Fees
  5. Health Service Fees

Eligibility criteria

  1. Be a Fiji citizen of either itaukei or Indian descent.
  2. Have a parental/guardian combined income of not more than FJD20,000.
  3. Satisfy USP Degree Admission Criteria for a new student or;
  4. Have GPA of 2.8 or above in the USP Foundation programme.

Opening and closing dates

Late December in the year when the current candidates completes the award.

Application process

Complete the APPLICATION FOR SHRIKISUN BALGOVIND SCHOLARSHIP Form available at Student Administrative Services (Laucala Campus), or download the form on

General description

The Bai Ni Ose scholarship came in to effect in 2008 as a gesture of good faith and friendship to the people of the “Bai Ni Ose” settlement by USP. Under the MOU, this scholarship will be available for 25 years, ending in January 2033. 4 students from the “Bai Ni Ose” settlement are given this scholarship per year.

Award cover

The Bai ni Ose covers Tuition Fees only.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates should be descendants of the former habitants of the Bai ni Ose community. Candidates are selected by the Bai ni Ose Scholarship Board who then recommend the successful applicant to the University for an award.

Opening and closing dates

At the beginning of the semester.

Application process

Candidates are selected only if there is placement available within the scholarship.

General description

The University of the South Pacific is providing funding for students with a Disability from the region with the opportunity to study and attain undergraduate & postgraduate degree programs in Fiji. The purpose of the grant is to empower persons with a disability to become qualified and promote Disability Inclusion in tertiary education across the region.

Award cover

The RDS covers the following under the award;

  1. Return economy class airfare (Regional Candidate only) to campus of study at the beginning of the year and return at the end of the year or unless terminated earlier.
  2. Monthly living allowance of FJD700.00 from February to November unless early exit.
  3. Book allowance of FJD350.00 per semester.
  4. Accommodation at the USP Halls of Residence.
  5. Tuition cost.
  6. Ancillary Fees (General Service Fee, Health Fee).
  7. Establishment Allowance (one off payment at the beginning of the scholarship) FJD $1300.

Not Covered under the Award

  1. The Scholarship does not cover ‘carer’ costs. However buddies will help students access the University facilities during study hours.
  2. The Scholarship will not cover any undisclosed disability related needs.
  3. The Scholarship does not cover self-funding programmes such as Preliminary Studies, Foundation studies, Pacific TAFE, MBA or PHD Programmes.

Eligibility criteria

Any student with a disability from any USP member country is eligible to apply provided he or she;

  1. Satisfies the USP Admission and programme requirements.
  2. Provide a letter from a recognised disability service provider or doctor which clearly states the disability of the applicant.

Opening and closing dates

Candidates apply a year in advance for the scholarship, from June – 31 Oct. Candidates are selected in November to commence studies the following year.

Application process

Complete the USP Admission Form available at the Student Administrative Services or download from

Complete and submit the RDS – Supplementary Declaration Form available from

Submit an application Letter detailing your interest in the scholarship.

Call for application advertisement

The Call is done from 1st –June 31st October.

The University reserves the right to prioritize scholarships depending on available University Facilities or withdraw the Regional Disability Scholarship for 2021 without notice.

On campus

The University of the South Pacific Campus Life offers you exciting and rewarding opportunities that will help you establish new friends and lasting memories. Be part of the Campus Life events, recreational activities, join the various university clubs and make your university life worthwhile.