Information for Students

Information for Students


Admission Details and Requirements

Click here to find out how to apply to USP, the needed documents, the programme admission requirements and the important academic dates.


Fees and Financial Assistance

Find out about:

  1. Fees Payment Deadline
  2. Available USP Scholarships and Financial Assistance


Careers and Employment

Get help here with planning your career and finding part-time employment while you study at USP.


Available Learning and Technical Support Services

The support services provided by the University of the South Pacific are:

  1.  Human Resources
  2. Information Technology Services (ITS)
  3. Library
  4. Finance
  5. Assurance and Compliance 
  6. Student Administrative Services
  7. Commercial Operations
  8. Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)
  9. Campus Life 
  10. Estates and Infrastructure