Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

It is easy to think all university students are school leavers, and whilst many are, it also is common for mature students often with valuable prior experience, knowledge and skills, to want to study further. Such mature students may already have relevant knowledge and high skills such that it does not make sense for them to do all courses in a programme, particularly those at 100-level of the undergraduate programme. This is particularly so for students that may have joined the workforce a long time ago, and after many years of experience want to upskill and gain formal qualifications.

The University has developed a process to recognize and provide formal credit for such informal learning; the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy. This Policy covers recognition of prior learning that cannot be wholly attributed to formal courses of study successfully completed outside of the programme. It is important to realize that RPL is different from credit transfer, in that the latter is a process for comparing and cross crediting formal learning such as when students have completed relevant courses at a different institution (e.g., a student might have done a Diploma previously, and wish to upgrade to a Degree). Students wishing to gain RPL, should read the Policy carefully, and contact the relevant School of studies (e.g., School of Economics, School of Education, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, etc.).


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