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USP Staff Research Outputs

The Research Outputs &  Awards Unit provides support for the collection of Research Publications data. The Unit coordinates data collection with the USP Library and the Faculty Research Offices.USPERR

The Research Office is required to report to various internal stakeholders (including the Senior Management Team and the Associate Deans Research & Faculty Staff), those publications that fall into the three criteria below. These are used as proxies of total publication performance and for the allocation of funding to Faculties.

3 Essential Criteria (publication, research supervision, research income)


  1. Journal Articles – Ranked
  2. Books Authored
  3. Book Chapters
  4. Conference Proceedings – Full Written Paper – refereed and published
  5. Approved research-based creative work reviewed favourably in regional and/or international media


  1. Masters – Including Supervised Research Projects
  2. PhDs


  1. Internal
  2. External

Other Publications

The Research Office also collects publications that do not fall into the above categories for upload in the Research Repository. This includes: creative recorded, exhibited or published works; audio-visual recordings; report/working papers; government submissions; patents, magazine articles (refereed) and ancillary research material such as data sets, statistics and surveys.

Submitting Publications

As of 2012, publication details for those publications falling into the three criteria above will be collected via USPERR. Researchers have the option of either entering their own publication details into USPERR or having their details entered by another staff on their behalves as their delegated agents. The Research Office will liaise closely with the Faculty Research Offices via their Associate Deans of Research to verify the collected outputs and for the coordination of data gathering on non-traditional publications.

What Happens Next

Upon receipt of your publications data, the Research Office will apply the Research Funding Distribution Formula according to publication category. This will be used for funding allocation and performance benchmarking purposes.

List of Outputs

The lists of Research Outputs given below include publications, creative works and oral presentations produced by USP staff.

Click on the links to access the Research Outputs lists:

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