The Norway-Pacific Ocean-Climate Scholarship Programme (N-POC)

The Norway-Pacific Ocean-Climate Scholarship Programme (N-POC) is an ambitious partnership in research and PhD training between the University of Bergen in Norway and the regional University of the South Pacific (USP). Funded for 2021–2025 by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, the programme comprises 24 fully funded PhD scholarships at the USP within ocean and climate research, ranging from the natural sciences to the social sciences and humanities.

N-POC has three main objectives:

  1. To build a strong interdisciplinary Pacific cohort of PhD researchers to address urgent challenges for ocean and climate;
  2. To build new multidisciplinary Pacific research on the ocean-climate nexus for regional and global policy impact;
  3. To build enduring partnerships between researchers and universities in Norway and the Pacific Islands.

Read more on the N-POC official website here

Norway-Pacific Ocean-Climate Scholarship Programme (N-POC) - Cohort 1

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