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Research Outputs & Awards

The Research Outputs & Awards Unit manages the research performance activities and outputs across the University System that are the delegated responsibility of the Research Office such as the research repository, the University research outputs, the podcast library and website, the rewards scheme based on research outputs, and the directories of experts’ database.

In the Research Office’s efforts to enhance the University’s strategic goal of increasing ‘the quality, quantity, focus, equity and dissemination of its research, leading to greater access, applications and benefits for the Pacific region’, a key function of the Unit is the collating and analysing of research outputs of the University.

Why is this data important?

  • The University of the South Pacific uses it to allocate research-related funds to Faculties;
  • It also determines how research active staff is;
  • It assists the University in recognising and rewarding high quality research; and
  • It builds a reliable university-wide research profile that further facilitates collaboration via resources such as the Directory of Experts’ Database.
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