Revised USP Research Award Scheme

The current scheme is revised by (1) simplifying the Individual Rewards for Publications, and (2) replacing the current Vice-Chancellor’s Prizes for Research by Certificates of Recognition for top contributors in two categories: (1) for the quantity of their research (Research Volume), and (2) for the quality of their research (Highest Cited Paper) based on SCOPUS data.  All the awards are for the previous year’s output.

Individual Rewards for Publications

Journal Publications

The current system of classifying journals as A*, A, B and C, called the USP2015 Journal Ranking, will continue to be used until a new QoR Policy comes into existence. Note that the USP2015 Journal Ranking is continually being updated to include new journals, and to reflect any change in the quality of journals.

The reward value attached to an article published in a journal is shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Reward value according to quality of journal

Quality of Journal according to the USP2015 Journal Ranking Reward value attached to a journal article (F$)
A* $3000
A $1500

The formula for rewarding multiple authors is unchanged, that is,


The current system of classifying publishers of books will continue to be used until a new QoR Policy comes into existence.

The reward value attached to a book published by a publisher is shown in Table 2.

Table 2: Reward value for books published according to quality of publisher

Quality of Publisher Reward value attached to a journal article (F$)
A* $5000
A $3000

The formula for rewarding multiple authors is as for the journals.

Book Chapters

For book chapters, the reward value is based on that of an entire book but reduced by a factor of 0.2.  That is, A* is $1500, and A is $750. Same formula applies in the case of multiple authors.


Subject to consultation (independent review if needed) and support with appropriate evidence, a monograph can either be equivalently awarded as a book or book chapter.

Certificates of Recognition

Certificates of Recognition will be awarded to the top three researchers in subject areas listed by Scopus for the year for which the rewards are given. The researchers will be recognized separately in two categories;

  1. Quantity of Research (Research Volume), and
  2. Quality of Research (Highest Cited Paper).

There will be no monetary reward accompanying the Certificates of Recognition.

Table 3: In 2022, Scopus lists 26 subject areas.

Social Sciences Agricultural & Biological Sciences Engineering Environmental Sciences Computer Science
Business, Management and Accounting Earth and Planetary Sciences Economics, Econometrics and Finance Mathematics Chemistry
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology Arts and Humanities Energy Medicine Decision Sciences
Materials Science Physics and Astronomy Multidisciplinary Psychology Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics
Chemical Engineering Immunology and Microbiology Veterinary Neuroscience Health Professions


Staff and students of USP at the time of award.

Final Amount and Distribution of Monetary Rewards

If the total amount of eligible rewards exceeds the annual budget, then successful claimants will receive only an appropriate pro rata proportion of the amount calculated according to the criteria described above. The final amount will be kept in a School’s account which the researcher can use only for research purposes.

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