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The Research Office is pleased to announce the New USP Journal Classification System. After much consultation the ERA and SENSE Review Committee has now confirmed the following classification system for journals (USP2015) to be implemented from this year 2015. This scheme will only apply to publications from the year 2014 and onwards. Ranks of publications prior to 2014 will still remain as that of ERA2010. The Research Office has uploaded a list of accepted ranked journals-USP2015 (adapted from ERA2010 with the removal of journals found in Beall’s list) and ABDC2013, which will rank all USP journal publications accordingly.. Read more

Books & Chapters

Following a USP wide consultation, the Book and Book Chapters subcommittee of the University Research Committee has confirmed a new method of ranking, which has recently been approved by SMT. The Research Office, is pleased to announce the new system of ranking Books and Book Chapters for all USP publications. It is generally agreed that research-based books are substantial endeavors of scholarship and that this should be recognized in the assessment of their research contribution… Read more

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