The University tries to provide as many options for study, and for early completion, to all its students across the region. In addition to blended and online courses, a key component of this is the provision of short, intense, face-to-face teaching in the break between the semesters, and over the summer vacation. These courses are called Flexi-Schools, and the University developed and approved the Flexi-School Procedures, to provide a framework for all staff and students of the University for the implementation of Flexi-Schools. This is part of the learning and teaching process that lies at the heart of the University’s Vision and Mission.

Students near completion, or missing a course needed to complete their programme that is not offered in their campus, should contact the Campus Director or School of studies (e.g., School of Economics, School of Education, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, etc.) for a list of courses to be offered by Flexi-School.

Note: Flexi-Schools are offered on the basis of demand, and so they do not appear in the USP Handbook & Calendar.

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