Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Even if we have excellent facilities and teachers, students require support to achieve to their full potential. The University Strategic Plan 2019-2021 makes a commitment to improving the quality and equity of student services across all USP Campuses. The University thus provides comprehensive support  and infrastructure for all its Student Support Services such as Student Learning Support (SLS) provided at School level, Online Student Support Services (OLSS), First Year Experience (FYE), Student Administration Support (SAS), Campus Life and Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL).


Student Learning Support (SLS)

Student Learning Support (SLS) endeavours to provide a comprehensive range of services to help USP students take control of their learning. There are SLS staff members located in 10 of USP’s campuses across the region (Kiribati, Labasa, Laucala, Lautoka, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu). Our Services include Workshops, PASS and Senior Peer Mentoring, Drop In Consultations, SLS Moodle page and access to other Study resources/guides.


Online Student Support (OLSS)

Student support is an indicator of quality because it correlates positively with student success, and given that more than 50% of the University’s current enrolment is by distance mode (print, blended and online), structured support for distance and online students is critical. The OLSS has eight dimensions: Course Design, Course Delivery, Instructional Support Services, Academic Services, Orientation, Success & Retention Programmes, General University Support Services, and Library Resources.

All of these dimensions have been evaluated across the University, and the University is confident it provides OLSS across each of these dimensions, with regular reporting provided to TQC, Senate and Council.


First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) section is committed to make the smoother transition from pre-tertiary education into university studies. There are three coordinators based in Laucala campus however the services are provided to the region through virtual channels.

The mission of the FYE office is to:

  • To provide a broad network of support services and programmes that address the academic, personal and social needs of first year students and promote student success.
  • To provide outreach and necessary interventions to students who are experiencing academic and social difficulties.
  • To actively encourage students to engage in the school, centre and university community.
  • To promote critical thinking and life-long learning.

Visit our page to find out more.


Student Administrative Services (SAS)

Student Administrative Services (SAS) role is to provide effective and efficient delivery of core student services in the areas of: Admission, Registration, Student Data & Record Management, Examinations, Completions & Graduation, with associated support services in Scholarship Management, Programme Assessment, Credit Transfer, student immigration and regulations compliance


Campus Life

Campus Life (CL) tries to foster a sense of community and promote student and staff physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth and development in an atmosphere of understanding, responsibility, tolerance and sensitivity.  To do this Campus Life provides a wide variety of services including of Sports and Recreation, Health & Wellness, Counselling, Chaplaincy, Disability Resource Centre, Career and Entrepreneurial Centre, First Year Experience, USP Orientation Week, Accommodation (on and off Laucala Campus) and Pacific Market Day.


Centre for Flexible Learning

The Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) provide services to both the staff and the students of USP in:

  1. supporting the development of Flexible Learning (FL) materials;
  2. supporting learning through Moodle;
  3. staff and student training in learning technologies and
  4. research.
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