Orientation Week

Orientation Week is especially designed for you! It is all about you and the main purpose of this entire week is to introduce you to the learning and teaching environment, help you get familiar with the campus, know the services available to you and meet the key people who can assist you in your studies. Your Orientation Week programme is designed to smooth your transition to university life and will play a critical role in your overall success at USP.

Maybe this is your first time at university or you may be resuming studies after a break. We are here to assist you in your transition to university life. Many presentations, information sessions, skills workshops, tours, activities and events are planned for you to familiarise yourself with your campus and to meet the staff and fellow students.

This week is also about having lots of fun! To help you overcome the nervousness of being in a new environment, various activities have been organised around campus. This will give you an opportunity to meet your fellow students, make new friends and have lots of fun in the process.

So, come and be part of this important journey, and start your University life with the end in mind – we will guide you all the way. And don’t forget to collect your Orientation Kit from your respective Faculty Orientation and welcome session. It contains very important resources that will help you know and adjust in the University environment better.

Orientation Week Village

The Orientation Week Village was introduced in 2018 and was set up at the car park opposite the USP Book Centre. The Village features information booths from all Faculties and departments, an entertainment area, food vendors, sponsor booths. During the week free entertainment and ice breaker activities were provided for the new students by our very own Radio Pasifik Team and USPSA representatives.

The Village acts as a one stop information centre for all students who will be at the campus during the week.

From 2019, the Village will be set up at the student car park opposite the bus bay. You cannot miss it! Visit the Village on your way in and way out and meet fellow new students and Faculty representatives, make new friends and meet old ones, enjoy the cultural items, songs, activities and prizes we have for you.

See you at the Orientation Week Village!

Connect with Buddies

We are here to help you with your University transition and help you find your way in USP. Our professionally trained Buddies will be around during your Orientation to guide you. They will mentor you throughout your first year at USP. So, don’t forget to get connected to one of the Buddies during the Orientation Week. Click here for more information.


Campus Map App

The Campus Map mobile app is an intuitive tool that will help the new and the old students and visitors to find their way around in The University of the South Pacific. It allows students and the visitors to find their desired places in the campus such as Library, Book Centre, Lecture rooms, Cafeterias, ITS labs, Conference rooms, Student Academic Service building and many more. You will also be able to locate nearby Washrooms, Cafeteria, Security booth and other common places. The campus map app contains the navigation system as well that will allow the students and visitors to reach their selected destination easily. The routes that the app provides contains movement on foot as well as by car. The building information contain the building number, images and description about that building.

Download today from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=usp.mlearn.map


For more information please visit the website:



The USP Mobile App is an informative tool for students, staff and visitors. The aim of the app is to have University information and services accessible by the users instantly and efficiently. The USP Mobile App has certain futures (course feed, course notification, Course/Exam timetable) just for students which is available upon their login. It has features such as News and Course Feed provides all the latest university and course news, Notification Alert notifies users about announcements and activities, Events feature shows all the events and activities in USP for the year as per USP calendar, Course and Exam Timetable enables students to access their class and exam schedules on their mobile devices, First Year tools have information on important tools targeted for the first year students, Emergency contacts has important contact for the user to contact in case of emergency, Frequently Asked Questions feature allows users to get urgent assistance when needed, Course Finder shows all the courses offered with their detail and game feature is available to trial out different format of learning (edutainment). The USP mobile App also links to the USP Campus Map that will help the app users to find their way around USP. The app also has other university information. The app will be continuously updated to have most of the USP’s online functionalities in the app.  

Download today from Google Play:


For more information please visit the website: https://www.usp.ac.fj/index.php?id=22229


Frequently ASKED Questions

YES! Orientation Week is an extremely important week and helps to orient you so you do not struggle through your first weeks of university life.

It helps you to get familiar with the university, the learning & teaching environment, your respective faculty, and to make sense of your timetable. It also gives you an opportunity to meet with your Faculty Staff, SLS & FYE team and fellow new students.

No, you don’t, however if you do attend every day, there is always some activity going on at the Orientation Week Village. If you were unable to obtain some information during your faculty orientation session, you would be able to get this at the Orientation Week Village any day of the week. You will also get an opportunity to take part in various activities organised at the Orientation Week Village, enjoy the entertainment and also win attractive prices.

  • Orientation Week 2018 will cover:
    • Faculty Orientation Sessions
    • Student Learning Support Workshops
    • Campus Tour
    • Bus Tour
    • Student Academic Advising
    • Practical issues such as TSLB Scholarship information, Elections information, FRCS information, Consumer advice
    • Information Technology services at the Orientation Week Village

So, come and be part of this important journey, and start your University Life with the end in mind – we will guide you all the way. And don’t forget to collect your Orientation Kit from your respective Faculty Orientation and Welcome Session.

It contains very important resources that will help you know and adjust in the University environment better. The Orientation Kit will also include the USP Orientation Guide, Student Orientation Passport and many other resources that will only be given during the Student Orientation Programme.

You are encouraged to attend your Faculty welcome session and as many workshops as possible.

All the best and we welcome you to USP once again!

For further information, please contact Ms Saileshni Naidu on email saileshni.naidu(at)usp.ac.fj or phone (679) 32 32766.