Accounts Receivables

Location :         Finance Office

Managed by    : Ms. Shivani Mudaliar
Email             :
Phone            : (679) (32) 32160

Welcome to Accounts Receivable Unit

Accounts Receivable Unit is responsible for the Revenue Collection and reporting of the same to all stakeholders for USP. Under this unit there are two sub sections, Trade Debtors and Student Finance.

This section is responsible for recording, collection and reporting of monies owed to the University for Trade, Staff and Government Grants Contribution.

The procedures on request for invoices, collection and reporting of moneys owed to the University for Debtors are all in the University of the South Pacific Accounts Receivables Policy.

For Trade and Government enquiries, contact person:

Ms. Shyleen Prasad, Assistant Accountant – Trade and Government
Phone   : (32) 32573
Email   : or


This section is responsible for all financial aspects of student’s studies at USP, from invoicing sponsors and private students to receipting, uploading of payments and releasing of student holds. Student Finance also disburses allowances for Graduate Assistants, USP administered scholarships and processing of student refunds. Student Finance is dedicated to providing courteous and efficient financial services to our stakeholders such as sponsors, students, FNPF and other members of the USP community.

For Student Finance and Sponsor-related enquiries email:
Contact Person:

Ms Shivangani Chand  Assistant Accountant – Student Finance
Phone: (32) 32587
Email: or

For Cashier Receipts, contact Anita Datt  ext 32803 or email:


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