Contractor Database

To ensure that the University receives the “best value for money” and to streamline the purchasing process, staff purchasing items on behalf of the university should always use Contractor Database for those commodities where an Agreement has been implemented.

The Purchasing Office has implemented numerous  Supplier Agreements for certain commodities. These agreements have been awarded after detailed commercial and technical evaluations have been performed that ensure “best value for money” is delivered to the University.

As the market has already been tested through the evaluation process prior to the awarding of the Supplier Agreement, purchasing agents do not need to obtain any quotes when procuring from these Preferred Suppliers. Using these agreements also allows the University to record and monitor commodity usage that enables the University to rationalise and further negotiate cost downs, thus delivering further savings to the end user. Utilisation of these Agreements streamlines the procurement process and reduces the cost and time it takes for the purchasing agent to purchase goods and services as ALL purchases outside of Preferred Supplier Agreements MUST adhere to Purchasing Policies and Procedures.

The University also actively manages its Preferred Supplier Agreements with regular review meetings, measurement of key performance indicators and by the follow up and resolving of any complaints by University staff.

Staff are encouraged to report any issues relating to pricing or service from Preferred Suppliers to the Procurement Manager for investigation and action.

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