USP Undergraduate Outcomes

The University of the South Pacific’s Undergraduate Outcomes are as follows:

1. Communication- Graduates will be able to communicate ideas clearly and persuasively in structured formats using language and other modes of communication that are appropriate for context, audience and specific disciplinary conventions.

2. Creativity- Graduates will extend boundaries of current knowledge in a particular discipline or profession.

3. Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning- Graduates will be able to evaluate multiple perspectives and arrive at a reasonable independent judgement based on evidence.

4. Ethics- Graduates will demonstrate a commitment to high ethical standards in scholarly, professional and socio-cultural practices.

5. Pacific Consciousness- Graduates will recognize the cultural heritage and diversity of Pacific societies for sustainable development in a contemporary environment.

6. Professionalism- Graduates will demonstrate the ability to carry out tasks to acceptable standards within their profession and occupations.

7. Teamwork- Graduates will work together in a respectful and collaborative manner to complete tasks within teams to achieve an outcome.


Undergraduate Outcomes Rubrics

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