SPACE Undergraduate PLOs


Academic Certificate Programmes

  1. Certificate in Educational Assessment
  2. Certificate in Teaching (Primary)
  3. Certificate in Teaching (Secondary)
  4. Certificate in Vernacular Language (Cook Islands Maori)
  5. Certificate in Vernacular Language (Tongan and Niuafo’ou)
  6. Certificate in Vernacular Language (Vagahau Niue)
  7. Certificate in Vernacular Language (Vanuatu Language Studies)


Diploma Programmes

  1. Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care
  2. Diploma in Educational Evaluation and Assessment
  3. Diploma in Educational Leadership
  4. Diploma in Multilingual Studies
  5. Diploma in Pacific Journalism
  6. Diploma in Special and Inclusive Education
  7. Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)
  8. Diploma in Vernacular Language (Fijian)
  9. Diploma in Vernacular Language (Hindi)
  10. Diploma in Vernacular Language (Cook Islands Maori)
  11. Diploma in Vernacular Language (Tongan and Niuafo’ou)
  12. Diploma in Vernacular Language (Vagahau Niue)


Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Arts (Communication & Media)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (Education)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics)
  5. Bachelor of Arts Literature)
  6. Bachelor of Arts (Literature and Language)
  7. Bachelor of Arts (Pacific Language Studies)
  8. Bachelor of Arts (Language Tracks)
  9. Bachelor of Arts (Pacific Studies, Heritage and Arts)
  10. Bachelor of Arts (Pacific Vernacular Languages)
  11. Bachelor of Arts (Technical & Vocational Education & Training)
  12. Bachelor of Education (In-Service)