Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism and Hospitality Management

On successful completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:

  1. Design critical research instruments to investigate problems related to tourism and hospitality management.
  2. Apply critical thinking to new ideas and technical skills in research design in the field of tourism and hospitality management.
  3. Formulate coherent and feasible research proposals in the field of tourism and hospitality management.
  4. Examine critically a research topic related to current issues and trends within the tourism and hospitality industries in a local, regional and international context heeding ethical, cultural, and social issues.
  5. Review critically research conducted in the tourism and hospitality industries, including economic pressures, social and cultural change, and of environmental, ecological, sustainable development, stakeholder participation, ethical concerns and an existential issue of the current period.
  6. Interpret critically quantitative and qualitative research data from research findings for the purpose of useful recommendations in the field of tourism and hospitality management.
  7. Report research findings employing appropriate formats, language, style, and technology for tourism and hospitality management audiences.
  8. Produce an original piece of work which makes a significant contribution to knowledge in, or understanding of, the field of tourism and hospitality management.”


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