Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Land Management)

On successful completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:

  1. Apply principles, concepts, and theoretical knowledge in the field of land management and related disciplines to evaluate the processes that shape the dynamic relationship between city growth and land use activity over time.
  2. Examine the key sustainable development challenges in the context of urban and rural land use activities in Fiji and the Pacific region and the role of property professionals in promoting sustainable land use solutions.
  3. Conduct policy-relevant research that provides sustainable and innovative solutions to the plethora of urban land-use challenges in Fiji and the Pacific region focussing on areas such as land planning, housing, land development, urbanisation and sustainability, property valuation and management.
  4. Apply investment appraisal knowledge and tools in the feasibility analysis of land development and property investment schemes across various property types, communicating solutions and providing constructive feedback to key stakeholders.
  5. Articulate various findings and scholarly positions in land management and property matters, using oral, written, and visual forms of communication.
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