Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism Management)

On successful completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:

  1. Apply critically, knowledge and skills that are informed by theoretical perspectives, pertaining to the operation and management of the tourism/hospitality industry in the Pacific region and internationally
  2. Evaluate the environmental, socio-cultural and economic issues affecting the operations and management of tourism/hospitality in developing countries in the Pacific region and internationally
  3. Discuss critically, the relationship between the tourism/hospitality industry and the role of different stakeholders
  4. Apply critically, marketing and management principles to tourism/hospitality products and services
  5. Design a tourism/hospitality enterprise that is ethical, sustainable, financially viable and culturally appropriate
  6. Work autonomously and flexibly, individually and in teams, to apply the theoretical, practical and professional skills in tourism/hospitality management, learnt in internships and the programme
  7. Communicate effectively in a wide range of tourism/hospitality settings in a manner and language that is appropriate for a local and/or international audience and context
  8. Design academic research using appropriate methods and processes, presenting findings in the required format.
  9. Apply critically, the theoretical knowledge and skills for the sustainable and ethical use of tourism resources as a tool for development
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