Bachelor of Commerce (Land Management)

On successful completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:

  1. Apply theoretical and research-informed knowledge to different areas of land management practice such as land tenure, land building economics, and planning with particular reference to the development of a sustainable Pacific region
  2. Employ technical skills related to land management, land use planning and development
  3. Apply principles, concepts, theories and methods related to property investment, development, valuation, management and marketing transactions in the workplace and other contexts
  4. Utilise the financial, mathematical and technical competencies related to property investment, management, development, and valuation
  5. Interpret appropriate legislation, legal measures, and legal research related to land and development matters
  6. Conduct research in land management and development, following all the stages of the academic research process
  7. Adhere to ethical and professional standards in academic and workplace contexts
  8. Communicate effectively orally and in writing in land management and property matters in appropriate language and formats, and in different contexts
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